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  • Muslim Clergy Worldwide Agrees: Jews Created Coronavirus to Shut Down Mecca
  • Erdogan Asserts Muslim Dominance over Christianity: Turns Iconic Church into Active Mosque
  • Radical Liberal Group: Corona Panic Perfect Time To Abolish The Family
  • Coronavirus: Hungary government gets sweeping powers
  • Russian TV Exposes Rothschilds & Educates Citizens on New World Order
  • Greenland's SMB Gained 6 Gigatons Yesterday + Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass Sitting At 500 Gigagtons Above The Norm
  • Beware The Deep State In A Crisis, It Will Gladly Destroy our Liberties
  • Under CDC Direction, Hospitals are Falsely Inflating the Number of Coronavirus-Related Deaths
  • Kurds Blow Up Iran-Turkey Natural Gas Pipeline
  • Stones for Altar of Pascal Lamb Sacrifice Now Being Collected
  • 44% of Americans say virus a "wake up call" to return to God.
  • UN calls for global response to coronavirus pandemic
  • Widespread damage after new wave of floods hit Indonesia, more than 56,000 people affected and 9,285 buildings flooded
  • Hundreds of homes destroyed as severe flash floods hit Afghanistan
  • Massive forest fire breaks out in Sichuan, at least 19 dead, China
  • Cold outbreak intensifies while spreading across east-central Europe
  • Intense Kona Low lashes parts of Hawaii, causing severe flooding in Kauai -- almost 2,032 mm (80 inches) recorded this month
  • Severe storms trigger '100-year flood' in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Continuous heavy rains, floods and landslides claim 72 lives, destroy or damage nearly 1,000 buildings in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
  • Destructive frost hits SE Europe, one of the coldest April mornings in a decade
  • The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order