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  • One Day After Trump Stood with Israel, Impeachment Allegations Turn Against Democrats
  • Over 200 Israeli Rabbis Sign Letter Thanking Trump for "Fulfilling Prophecy of Jeremiah"
  • Jordan's King Abdullah: Relationship with Israel 'at its worst state'
  • Scientists: Dishonest Or Afraid?
  • One in Four Europeans Holds Anti-Semitic Views, Survey Shows
  • Pope: Jews Living in Judea, Israel: Bad for 'Regional Stability'
  • Pope cites French epic poem to "prove" Christianity is as violent as Islam
  • Farmers fear 80 percent crop loss after severe hailstorm in Canterbury, New Zealand
  • France Begins Shutting Down Mosques and Schools in Crackdown on 'Political Islam'
  • Scientists Admit: Snakes Once had Legs as Described in Book of Genesis
  • Erdogan: Turkey-Qatar military base serves regional 'stability'
  • Yellowstone Area Experiences 193 Earthquakes in a Month
  • We Can Only Choose One: Our National Economy Or Globalization
  • VA gun ban, likely confiscation without grandfather clause, proposed by state legislature
  • Storms in France, Greece and Italy leave 'biblical destruction'
  • Turkey reneges on NATO's Baltic defense plan to extort US concessions in Syria
  • Council Of Islamic Ideology: 'Existence Of Women Is Un-Islamic'
  • Margin Call Chaos: Hong Kong Stock Plummets 75% In Minutes
  • Franklin Graham sees 'demonic' power in ferocity of opposition to Trump
  • Libya, Turkey sign deals on security and maritime jurisdictions