Revelation 14

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  • Putin Launches Pipeline in Turkey With Erdogan, Day After Meeting Assad
  • United Nations Pushing For The Adoption Of A Digital Currency
  • Israel must prepare to confront Turkey in Mediterranean
  • Rabbi Glick Interrupts Netanyahu's Speech to Remind him to Build Third Temple
  • New Virus Discovered by Chinese Scientists Investigating Pneumonia Outbreak
  • "The End Stage Has Begun" - Rubino Warns "We're Past The Point Of No Return"
  • Israel Now Has a Second Squadron of Deadly F-35I Stealth Fighters
  • Florida Man 'Looking for Someone to Kill' Hits Veteran with Car
  • New Law Requires Chinese Christians Fully Submit to Communist Party
  • Australian wildfires may impact global food supply
  • More than 3,000 cases of Ebola in DRC, 2,231 dead
  • Iran Raises Red Flag Over 'Messianic Mosque' Declaring 'End-of-Days' War' for First Time Ever
  • End of Days Expert: "Iran Sharpening Swords for Gog and Magog"
  • Erdogan says Turkish soldiers have begun deploying to Libya
  • Turkey, Iran sign deal to strengthen Religious ties
  • USA Today sums up the anti-gun lunacy of the Left: It’s "terrifying" that Americans can protect themselves with concealed carry firearms
  • US Berkowitz in Israel to debate peace plan rollout
  • More than 500 earthquakes have rattled the Puerto Rico region in 10 days
  • Bloomberg's Texas shooting take: Only the government should have guns
  • PREPARE for Iran to activate terror cells across America and attack the power grid, water supplies and vulnerable infrastructure