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debate preparation 17-11-16a Ninurta - Gordi .............. THREAD = http://rogue-nation3.com/showthread.php?tid=2974

**DNA sequence** ???
your post above ....... are the letters / spaces and punctuation you chose - are they of **A** or **B**
**A** = random / mindless / no sequence (just fell where they happened to land)
**B** = code / information / intent / writer-reader / speaker-listener / agenda driven design - intelligence

Ninurta =

I beg to differ. I think God is neither "mean" nor "all about Love"... nor is it a "he".
I have a hard time comprehending a god that would allow itself to be so unidimensionally boxed in. I would say that God is a good deal more complex than that.

Take me as an example, a mere human. Even I am more complex than that, and I have no aspirations to godhood. I am neither "mean" nor "all about love". I'm situational. I love my family,
but God help anyone who would harm them - they'll see a whole new side of me. Wouldn't an actual god be quite a bit more complex than little old me? And "he" implies a gender, which a pure being of spirit would not possess, having no need for it, as gender is only useful in procreation, which gods, in general, don't really engage in quite the

same way organisms do.

---------------------------------- http://rogue-nation3.com/showthread.php ... 2#pid20342

Sorry to be the one to tell you, but fighting Atheists is no more likely to succeed than fighting any other religion, which Atheism is just another one of.
You're not going to convince an Atheist that his theology is wrong any more than he can convince you that yours is -
it's ALL based on one kind of faith or another, and faith is not subject to the scrutiny of a debate. Faith transcends that.

Theism of any sort invokes one sort of magic to account for creation, and Atheism invokes another sort of magic to account for creation.
Any time you make something from nothing, there is going to be a kind of magic involved. It's just that their faith, and their magic, is different from yours.
Wars have been fought, and millions have been killed, to settle whose magic is the right magic... yet it has never been conclusively settled in favor of anyone - and it never will be.

God does not jump through hoops for tests any more than cosmic strings do. It's all a matter of faith, and faith lives in an individual's heart.

------------------------------- http://rogue-nation3.com/showthread.php ... 4#pid20344

Nah, Missus G - you know me, and I don't believe that. To say we were created by an advanced race" just kicks the can down the road, as the question then becomes "well then, who created the advanced race?"
and on and on until we run out of advanced races to do any creating... then who or what created THEM, that first advanced race?
Eventually, you have to wrestle with that ultimate question, so I've just eliminated all the Annunaki nonsense in my own mind, and I know what I believe in the matter of creation.
No aliens are necessary to account for it. As mortal, finite beings, aliens could no more have created me than I could create a living, breathing, flying thinking bird from mud.

------------------------------ http://rogue-nation3.com/showthread.php ... 3#pid20343

Gordi =

Atheism is not denying the supernatural. It is disbelieving the existence of (a) God.
Atheists (tend to) have a *Scientific Theory to explain the origin of life and the Universe.
(*Scientific Theory is a very different concept to ""just a theory".
It is defined as: a coherent group of propositions formulated to explain a group of facts or phenomena in the natural world and repeatedly confirmed through experiment or observation.
e.g. The scientific theory of evolution.)

Scientific Theory is not claimed to be fact.
It does not exclude any possibility. It is fluid. It reacts to the latest findings and experimental observations, and it definitely is not "only theory".
The BIG BANG (theory) for example is Scientifically Observable.
We can actually see the bodies moving apart in space in real time, and have been doing so for hundreds of years.
Plot the paths of these movements and you can trace them back to their origins. Together at one point in space & time.
Scientifically Observable.

Using wordplay to undermine an opposing viewpoint does nothing but diminish your own argument.
If you really want to try and understand another persons views, then you cannot begin the conversation by putting words in their mouths.
A simple statement like: "I believe that recent findings in DNA research proves _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and here is a link to the evidence _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . I'd be interested to hear other views on this.
" would be a much more balanced, less provocative opening post than the one which was used, which made several (inaccurate) suppositions regarding atheism, atheists,
Scientific Theory, denying the supernatural, sciencism, and the (atheistic) suggestion that DNA fell together from nothing. < I believe DNA is designed by God

kindest regards,

------------------------------ http://rogue-nation3.com/showthread.php ... 5#pid20345

--------------- A N S W E R E D .... http://rogue-nation3.com/showthread.php ... 5#pid20395

Gordi (link) = BTW - Religious people don't have an "explanation" for the origin of life. Just a theory. (Not a Scientific Theory!)
Oh sure we do ... just not the one you accept ..... see: the theology of Creation ... https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-lib ... f-creation
BTW - Non-Religious people don't have an "explanation" for the origin of life. Just a theory. (Not a Scientific Theory!)
until you examine DNA < information / code / intelligence .. then you end up on my side of the coin

http://www.cosmicfingerprints.com/read- ... od-exists/
viewtopic.php?p=3162#p3162 - Battle for the Beginning
Gordi (link) = Sciencism? Never heard of it. Is that even a word?
----- 04-28-2017 .. Turning Science Into A Religion - http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/articl ... ws_id=1192

Did you just link to your own website as a source of "evidence"?
----- you'll find explainations of the evidence at my website - viewtopic.php?p=8#p8

"All Life derives from a source of intelligence"?
OK, where did the source of intelligence originate?
----- the first question can be explained scientifically DNA ... the second cannot be answered .. Hebrews 11:3 the things seen came about by what is unseen

PS - I don't think that anyone has ever said that "DNA just fell together from nothing" Um, yes (This is indeed the atheistic explaination)

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