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002 So what is the righteous reaction to seeing gay activity in your opinion? http://www.volconvo.com/forums/showthre ... ost1022061

001 What the hell is this? .. How is legalizing same sex marriage going to make christians hated? Theres a good chance they are already hated because of their disgusting behavior towards any group that is different, but a change in a law is not what will create this hatred .. How can you people even call yourselves Christians when you spit on every teaching Christ has given you? .. Sure the bible may say dont be gay, save yourself the quote, but it was instruction for you personally to not be gay, not to attack, physically several decades ago, verbally quite recently, and legally now a group of people that chooses to behave differently .. Didn't Jesus say turn the other cheek ? .. so if someone is assaulting you you smile and ask for another, but if 2 men are kissing that is unacceptable? .. Is it ok to isolate a handful of quotes from the bible and ignore all of its other teachings? .. If your god sentences a good, moral atheist to burn, but accepts what passes for a Christian in right wing america simply because that person recognized christ, id rather burn then bow down before such a vain and despicable being. He can let the atheist burn, but this fake ass bigoted, hatefilled "christian" better burn with him. If god can't see through that bullshit then shame on God http://www.volconvo.com/forums/religion ... ost1022049

indeed you will both .... bow and burn

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