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002 So therefore you have no debating point here. Perhaps what you suggest might happen, or not. Perhaps it's paranoia, or not. Perhps it just trying you scare Christians into hating others, or not. But your claim proves nothing. You have every right to think this possible, even to absolutely believe it. But there's nothing to debate, anymore than me claiming going to the moon means those invisible moon men who can live in a vacuum are about to enslave us ... OR, I could claim SOME Christians insisting they can refuse service to gays is just how it "starts." Next will be rounding them up. After that death camps ... Once again: claims, no context, no links, and your own spin on it ... u're just venting, unless you have actual proof of that. Please don't do links to fundamentalist sites, or Dobson, or... well, basically anything like that would prove about as much as the athiests posting links to well know athiests assumptions. A battle of assumptions doth not equal debate, really .... Indeed the Harlot (Rev 17) has open arms to all who are of the world and hear the world ..... point is: the militant anti-christ Homo movement is not satisfied with what you suggest ..... Ah, the old "militant" Homo stuff. You know I've vented on this for a while myself. If political candidates hadn't decided to win elections by demonizing gays, if gay bashing had been frowned upon, most gays in this country for years were OK with just living their lives. What you have seen for the past 30 years was STARTED by those who thought they could win elections, convert, get social advantage over, or social gain, by publicly demonizing them ... My poing being, being militantly anti-gay in very public ways is what caused what some folks call "militant gay movement," though I see no armies. The very public outing of gays was started by folks who thought being openly anti-gay in a militant way could serve their purpose, or cut down on the number of gays, scare them into being straight .... Like most such attempts it had the usual effect: it backfired horribly and cause a backlash that's still happening. If they really wanted them to stay in the closet they screwed the pooch, to use an over wrought cliche'. Heck, ya'll might have even made it more "popular," more acceptable ... i always love how those who want to force others to be more like them call those same people "fascists" and "militant" http://www.volconvo.com/forums/showthre ... ost1023022

001 I find nothing that connects Christian not getting what they want to force others NOT to do with "hatred." If they were being forced to gay marry, point made. ... If someone allowed Christians to worship in a former communist country, would that necessitate those who still agreed they shouldn't be allowed were being "hated?" No, they might not like it. Now if that society enforced a "become a Christian or you can't get married," again there might be a point to make. Or become an atheist, to flip it around .... Simply because someone is allowed to do something that doesn't mean the person who disagree as with that is "hated." .... BTW, to be clear, no one is forcing churches, synagogues to marry anyone. That stands. A priest, a minister, a rabbi can marry whomever, or not. A gay couple could go to a UU Church, or some of the more liberal protestant ones, or just the county clerk. (Depending on where the legal license is issued. My wife and I have three, actually. I was protestant, she was Catholic and we have the license issued by the gov http://www.volconvo.com/forums/showthre ... ost1022954

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