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Postby dadman » Mon May 04, 2015 1:24 pm

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004 @dadman can we get a response on the whole tolerance preaching of jesus that christians like you consistently ignore?

003 Jesus taught respect and tolerance. Its much easier to cherry pick the particular lines that favor your self serving position than to try to understand the greater message of the bible http://www.volconvo.com/forums/showthre ... ost1023065

002 I absolutely would. A doctor took an oath, his priority is for the patients health, and the only religious beliefs that should been considered are those of the patients ... Obviously noone can force anyone to do anything, the doctor can quit and pursue something other than gynocology http://www.volconvo.com/forums/showthre ... ost1023017

001 A priest isnt required to sanctify a gay marriage. A baker is required to simply fill orders without discrimination. Baking a cake is not a ritual done for the grace of God http://www.volconvo.com/forums/showthre ... ost1023012

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