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Concerning the ( soon to emerge ) Antichrist and False Prophet ( Revelation 13 )
what are we ( Christians ) to anticipate ( Matthew 24 ) before the return of Jesus Christ



10-03-2019 .. The religion of climate change & the new doomsday scenario
10-01-2019 .. Top climate scientist breaks ranks with ‘consensus’
09-24-2019 .. In Letter to UN, Scientists Say There Is No Climate Emergency Image
09-23-2019 .. Global Warming timeline
09-08-2019 .. Chief of World Meteorological Organization Castigates Climate Alarmists
03-12-2019 .. Gregory-Wrightstone < geologist who has been investigating the Earth’s processes for more than 35 years
03-09-2019 .. Greenpeace Founder: Global Warming Hoax Pushed by Corrupt Scientists ‘Hooked on Government Grants’
03-08-2019 .. Global warming data FAKED by government to fit climate change fictions
03-08-2019 .. Green New Deal = Agenda 2030
03-07-2019 .. Kids set for nationwide 'climate strike' from school
03-02-2019 .. climate change is 'UN-led ruse to establish new world order'
03-01-2019 .. Students Are Walking Out of School in a Climate Change Protest
02-11-2019 .. Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal is Disastrous
02-10-2019 .. Don't be afraid of a changing climate.


12-07-2018 .. OCASIO CORTEZ: Climate Governance Will Create 'Economic, Social, and Racial Justice'
11-29-2018 .. The U.S. Leads the World in Cutting CO2 Emissions But Look What the UN Is Saying
11-14-2018 .. Climate contrarian uncovers scientific error, upends major ocean warming study
11-12-2018 .. Jerry Brown Blames Climate Deniers
10-17-2018 .. Climate change is nothing to be afraid of.
10-17-2018 .. 60 Minutes Has Its Climate Change Segment Of Trump Interview Exposed!
03-29-2018 .. Global warming data FAKED by government to fit climate change fictions
03-04-2018 .. Play titled ‘Kill Climate Deniers’ launches theatrical run
02-27-2018 .. wow ! what an angry / hostile rant < typical leftist
01-31-2018 .. check (so-called) sea level rise 350.org
01-31-2018 .. climate change and reduce fossil fuel consumption. Senator Bernie Sanders - transition 100% to renwewable/clean energies movement
01-29-2018 .. Trump's Global Warming Comment Has Mainstream Media In A Tither!


12-29-2017 .. Record Breaking Winter Cold? Don’t Worry, the Climate Explainers Have it Covered
12-15-2017 .. trump to remove climate change as a national security threat
12-07-2017 .. Tidalgate: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise
11-30-2017 .. STUDY: Satellites Show No Acceleration In Global Warming For 23 Years
11-19-2017 .. Environmentalist Wackos Say Don’t Have Children So the Earth Will Be Great for the Children We Don’t Have
11-16-2017 .. Pope rebukes climate deniers as 'perverse'
11-08-2017 .. John MacArthur on Global Warming and Environmentalism
11-00-2017 .. New Evidence Reveals Volcanic Activity Heating Up Antarctica
10-26-2017 .. California Governor Gets Vatican Invitation
09-24-2017 .. Climate Fascists React to New Research That Shows the Globe Isn’t Warming
09-14-2017 .. Canada now investigates 'climate denial'
09-12-2017 .. Anyone who believes that there’s no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent.
08-31-2017 .. Pope Francis to World Leaders: 'Listen to the Cry of the Earth'
08-22-2017 .. Big data finds the Medieval Warm Period – no denial here
07-31-2017 .. Australia Weather Bureau Caught Tampering With Climate Numbers
07-16-2017 .. Research Team Debunks 'Global Warming'
07-10-2017 .. New Report Just Dropped A Bomb On Key Climate Change Data
07-05-2017 .. Global Warming Study Canceled After Humiliating Discovery
06-01-2017 .. Trump fights: Paris 'Climate' rebuke
06-10-2017 .. The Founder of The Weather Channel explains why "global warming" is a lie!
06-01-2017 .. If Donald J. Trump pulls out of the #ParisClimateAgreement, will it lead to environmental disaster? Not according to science.
04-25-2017 .. Al Gore Group Demands $15 Trillion To Fight 'Global Warming'
02-15-2017 .. Many meteorologists question climate change science
02-12-2017 .. 'NOAA cheated and got caught' on 'global warming'...
02-05-2017 .. How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data
01-10-2017 .. Pravda: ‘Scientists Now Warn Of A New Ice Age’ As Temperature Plummets
01-02-2017 .. Climate Change Skeptics Welcome Open Debate Under Trump Presidency

Image headlines 2016

12-30-2016 .. Skeptical Climate Scientists Coming In From the Cold
12-28-2016 .. CLAIM: 100% Of USA 'Warming' Due To NOAA Data Tampering
12-09-2016 .. Environmentalist Hyperventilates When Tucker Asks Simple Question
12-03-2016 .. My Unhappy Life as a Climate Heretic
11-28-2016 .. Global Average Temperatures Plummet In Steepest Fall On Record.
11-25-2016 .. Not only has Antarctic sea ice not changed, but land based ice is expanding according to NASA study.
11-01-2016 .. The Deplorable Climate Science Blog - cooling

Image headlines 2015

11-01-2015 .. UN planning court for ‘climate justice’
10-15-2015 .. Climate Change Hoax
10-15-2015 .. France’s Top TV Weatherman Suspended For Expressing ‘Wrong’ Views On Climate Change
10-05-2015 .. The Global Warming Gestapo
09-30-2015 .. Australia PM adviser says climate change is 'UN-led ruse to establish new world order'
09-19-2015 .. Scientists Ask Obama To Prosecute 'Global Warming' Skeptics
06-09-2015 .. Yahoo dumps ALEC climate deniers, joining the exodus
06-09-2015 .. Crazy Climate Change Deniers No Longer Welcome on the BBC
06-05-2015 .. I (atheist) never really thought that I would ever like a Pope, but this man is awesome.
06-01-2015.. Pope Francis wants to lead global effort to fight climate change, will lay out moral justification
05-26-2015 .. why all the urgency
05-25-2015 .. Does Global Warming Exist ? (the truth detector)
06-10-2015 .. Climate change: Mr. Obama, 97 percent of experts is a bogus number
02-09-2015 .. PAPER: 'GLOBAL WARMING' BIGGEST SCIENCE SCANDAL EVER ... Official records systematically 'adjusted' to show heating ...
Meteorologist: 'In the business world, people go to jail for such manipulations of data'

350.org is building a global climate movement. ... 01-31-2015
01-05-2015 .. MIT Climate Scientist: Global Warming Believers a ‘Cult’

Image headlines 2014

2014-09-23 .. Leonardo-Dicaprio's message
2014-09-22 .. Climate Science Is Not Settled
2014-09-21 .. Climate Change Skeptics Call Out Marchers Hypocrisies


Climate Movement Drops Mask, Admits Communist Agenda
Global warming Scandals
Global warming debunked
Climate truth

What are the lowest-lying islands ... Maldives

2019-09 (UN) Climate change is severely threatening the very existence of the Maldives as well as diminishing existing human capabilities on these islands

the Maldives now [url=https://www.google.com/search?q=the+maldives+now+underwater&rlz=1C1GCEU_enUS821US821&oq=the+maldives+now+underwater&aqs=chrome..69i57j33l5.14063j0j9&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
]underwater ? [/url]

Due to its very low elevation, the Marshall Islands are threatened by the potential effects of sea level rise.
According to the president of Nauru, the Marshall Islands are the most endangered nation in the world due to flooding from climate change.

2019 article https://www.rd.com/advice/travel/island ... -80-years/

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