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Image ... Image Vladimir Putin Speech at the UN General Assembly 2015-09-27

The instigators of the Syrian crisis, “Do you realize what you’ve done?”

001 Dear Mr. President, Dear Mr. Secretary General, Distinguished Heads of State and Government, Ladies and Gentlemen. 70th anniversary of the United Nations – a good reason to appeal to history and to talk about our common future.

002 In 1945, the country, the defeat of Nazism, have joined forces to lay the solid foundations of the postwar world order. Let me remind you that the key decisions on the principles of interaction between states, the decision to create the United Nations adopted in our country at the Yalta meeting of leaders of the anti-Hitler coalition. Yalta system was actually suffered, paid tens of millions of people, the two world wars that swept through the world in the twentieth century. And, let’s be objective, it has helped mankind to pass through the turbulent and sometimes dramatic events of the past seven decades, has kept the world of large-scale shocks.

003 UN – the structure, which has no equal. On legitimacy, representativeness and universality. Yes, to the United Nations in recent hear a lot of criticism. Allegedly, she demonstrates the lack of effectiveness and the principal decision rests against the insurmountable contradictions. First and foremost among the members of the Security Council. However, I want to note that the differences in the United Nations has always been, throughout the 70 years of the organization. And the veto power is always applied. It was used, and the United States, and Britain, France and China, and the Soviet Union, later – Russian. It is quite natural for such a diverse and representative organization. At the founding of the UN and not expected that there will be unanimity prevail. The essence of the organization, in fact, is to find and develop compromises, and its power – in the account of different opinions and points of view. Discussed at the UN agreed solutions in the form of resolutions or agreed. As diplomats say, pass or not pass. And all the actions of any of bypassing this order are illegitimate and contrary to the Charter of the United Nations, contemporary international law.

004 We all know that after the Cold War, everyone knows that in the world there was only one center of domination. And then those who are at the top of the pyramid, there is a temptation to think that if they are so strong and exceptional, it is best placed to know what to do. And so – no need to reckon with the UN, which is often, instead of automatically authorize, legitimize the right solution, but prevents, so to speak, as we say, “underfoot.” There was talk that the organization in the form in which it was created, LLC, has fulfilled its historic mission.

2015-09-29 Obama has turned Putin into the world’s most powerful leader

005 Of course, the world is changing. And the United Nations must comply with this natural transformation. Russia on the basis of broad consensus is ready for this work on the further development of the United Nations with all partners. But we believe attempts to undermine the credibility and legitimacy of the United Nations is extremely dangerous. This can lead to the collapse of the entire architecture of international relations. Then we really will not have any rules, except the right of the strong. It will be a world in which, instead of teamwork will dominate selfishness. A world in which there will be more and dictate less equity, less real democracy and freedom. The world in which together truly independent states will multiply the number of actual protectorates controlled from outside the territories.

006 After all, what is the state sovereignty, which is already colleagues said? This is primarily a matter of freedom, free choice of their destiny for each person, for the people, for the state. By the way, colleagues, in the same row and the question of the so-called legitimacy of the government. You can not play and manipulate words. In international law, in international affairs, each term should be clear, transparent, should have a common understanding and uniformly understood criteria.

007 We are all different. And this should be treated with respect. No one is required to adapt to a model of development, recognized someone once and only correct one. All of us should not forget past experiences. For example, we remember and examples from the history of the Soviet Union. Export of social experiments, attempts to spur changes in various countries on the basis of their ideological, often led to tragic consequences.

008 It does not lead to progress, but to degradation. However, no one seems to learn from others’ mistakes, but only repeating them. And the export of revolution, now the so-called democracies, continues.

009 Just look at the situation in the Middle East and North Africa, as mentioned by the previous speaker. Of course, political and social problems in the region had been brewing for a long time, and the people there are, of course, would change. But what happened in reality? Aggressive external intervention has led to the fact that instead of the reform of public institutions, and the very way of life were just unceremoniously destroyed. Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress – violence, poverty, social disaster, and human rights, including the right to life, in what should be put. One would like to ask those who created this situation: you at least understand now what you have done? But I’m afraid this question hangs in the air. Because of the policy, which is self-confidence, the belief in its exceptionalism and impunity, and not abandoned. It is already clear that the emergence of a number of countries in the Middle East and North Africa power vacuum led to the formation of zones of anarchy, which immediately began to be filled by extremists and terrorists. Under the banner of so-called “Islamic State” is already at war, tens of thousands of militants, among them former Iraqi forces in the invasion of Iraq in 2003 were thrown out into the street. Supplier of recruits is, and Libya, whose statehood had been destroyed as a result of gross violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1973. And now swell the ranks of radical and moderate members of the so-called Syrian opposition, supported by the West. Their first arm, train, and then they move to the side of the so-called “Islamic state.”

010 The very “Islamic state” did not come out of nowhere. He was also initially nurtured as a weapon against unwanted secular regimes. Establish a foothold in Syria and Iraq, “Islamic State” is actively expanding its expansion to other regions, aimed at domination in the Islamic world, and not only there. Only these plans clearly limited. The situation is more than dangerous. In this situation, hypocritical and irresponsible act with loud declarations about the threat of international terrorism and at the same time turn a blind eye to the channels of funding and support for terrorists, including those due to drug-trafficking, illegal trade in oil, arms, or try to manipulate extremist groups, put them into his service for their own political purposes in the hope of then somehow deal with them, quite simply, be eliminated.

011 Those who really does so and so thinks would say. Ladies and gentlemen, you are dealing, of course, a very cruel people, but not with the stupid and primitive. They are not more stupid than you, and still do not know who someone is using for their own purposes. And the latest data on the transfer of weapons that very moderate opposition to terrorists – the best evidence.

012 We consider any attempts to flirt with terrorists, and even more so to arm them not only short-sighted, and a fire hazard. As a result of the global terrorist threat can increase critically, to cover new regions of the world. Especially in the camps, “the Islamic state” are run-fighters from many countries, including European. Unfortunately, I must say so, dear colleagues, and Russia is no exception. We can not allow these thugs who have already felt the smell of blood, and then returned to his home, and there continued their dirty work. We do not want that. After all, no one wants, is not it?

013 Russia has always firmly and consistently opposed to terrorism in all its forms. Today, we provide military and technical assistance to Iraq and Syria, the other countries in the region that are fighting terrorist groups. We consider it a huge mistake refusal to cooperate with the Syrian authorities, the government’s army, with those who courageously face to face fighting terror. We must finally acknowledge that in addition to the government forces of President Assad and Kurdish militias in Syria, with the “Islamic state” and other terrorist organizations, no one really struggling. We know all the problems of the region, all the contradictions, but still need to proceed from reality.

014 Dear colleagues, forced to observe that this is our honest and direct approach have recently used as a pretext to accuse Russia’s growing ambitions. Like those who spoke about it, there is no ambition at all. But is not the ambitions of Russia, colleagues, and that tolerate folding position in the world is impossible. In fact, we offer guided not by ambition, but by shared values ​​and common interests on the basis of international law, to work together to meet the challenges we face new challenges and to create a truly broad international anti-terrorist coalition. Like the anti-Hitler coalition, it could unite in their ranks a variety of forces ready to firmly confront those who, like the Nazis, sows evil and misanthropy. And, of course, key players in such a coalition should be a Muslim country. For the “Islamic state” not only bears a direct threat to them, but also for its bloody crimes defiles the world’s great religions – Islam.

015 The ideologists of the militant mocked Islam and distort its true humanistic values. I would like to appeal to Muslim spiritual leaders. Now it is very important and your credibility and your mentoring word. It is necessary to protect people who are trying to recruit fighters from rash steps. And for those who have been deceived, and for various reasons it ended up in the ranks of the terrorists, to help find your way to a normal life, lay down their arms, to stop the fratricidal war.

016 In the coming days, Russia, as the chairman of the Security Council convene a ministerial meeting for a comprehensive analysis of the threats to the area of ​​the Middle East. First of all, we propose to discuss the possibility of harmonizing the resolution on the coordination of all forces who oppose “Islamic state” and other terrorist groups. Again, such coordination should be based on the principles of the UN Charter. We hope that the international community will be able to develop a comprehensive strategy for political stability and socio-economic reconstruction of the Middle East. Then, dear friends, to build refugee camps do not have to. The flow of people forced to leave their native land, literally engulfed first the neighboring countries and then to Europe. Here comes the expense of hundreds of thousands, and can go for millions of people. It is, in fact, a new hitter great migration of peoples. And a hard lesson for all of us, including Europe.

017 I would like to emphasize that refugees are certainly in need of compassion and support. However, fundamentally solve this problem is possible only by restoring the state where it was destroyed by strengthening the institutions of power, where they have been preserved or recreated. By providing comprehensive assistance – military, economic, financial – find themselves in a difficult situation in the country. And, of course, those people who in spite of all the trials do not leave their homes. Of course, any assistance to sovereign states can and should not be imposed, but offered and only in accordance with the UN Charter. In short, everything that is done and will be done in this area in accordance with international law, should be supported by our organization. And all that is contrary to the UN Charter – rejected. Above all, I consider it extremely important to help rebuild state institutions in Libya, to support the new Government of Iraq, to ​​provide comprehensive assistance to the legitimate government of Syria.

018 Dear colleagues, the key task of the international community, led by the United Nations remains the maintenance of peace, regional and global stability. In our view, the focus should be on an area of ​​equal and indivisible security, security is not for the elite, but for all. Yes, it is a complex, difficult, long-term work, but there is no alternative. However, the bloc mentality of the Cold War and the desire to develop new geopolitical space in some of our colleagues are still, unfortunately, it dominates. First, we continued policy of expanding NATO. The question is: for what? If the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist, the Soviet Union fell apart, however, NATO is not only remains, it is still expanding. Just like its military infrastructure. Then the post-Soviet countries have put a false choice – be it to the west or the east.

019 Sooner or later, such a confrontational logic was to have serious geopolitical crisis. It happened in the Ukraine. Where we used the discontent of a large part of the population of the current government and externally provoked an armed coup . As a result, civil war broke out. We are convinced that to stop the bloodshed, to break the deadlock can only be fully conscientious performance of the Minsk Agreement of 12 February this year. Threats, force of arms integrity of Ukraine does not provide. But we need to do it. We need a real consideration of the interests and rights of the people in the Donbass, respect their choice. Alignment with them, as provided Minsk agreements, the key elements of the political system of the state. This is the guarantee that Ukraine will develop as a civilized state, as a key link in the construction of a common space of security and economic cooperation in Europe and Eurasia.
Nail Valiulin Photo: Nail Valiulin

020 Ladies and gentlemen, not casually said today about the general area of ​​economic cooperation.

021 Until recently it seemed that in an economy where there are objective laws of the market, we will learn to live without dividing lines, will operate on the basis of transparent rules jointly developed, including the principles of the WTO, which implies freedom of trade, investment, open competition. Today, however, almost become the norm unilateral sanctions in circumvention of the UN Charter. Not only do they pursue political goals, but also serve as a way to eliminate competitors in the market. I note another symptom of growing economic selfishness. Several countries have opted for private exclusive economic associations. Moreover, negotiations for their establishment go behind the scenes, in secret, and their citizens, from their own businesses, the public, but also from other countries. Other States, whose interests may be affected, and nothing to be informed. Probably all of us want to put before the fact, that the rules rewritten and rewritten again in favor of a narrow circle of the elect, and without the participation of the WTO.

022 It is fraught with a complete imbalance of the trading system, the fragmentation of the global economic space. Mentioned problems affect the interests of all States, affect the prospects of the global economy. Therefore, we propose to discuss them in the framework of the UN, the WTO and the “Group of Twenty.” In contrast to the policy of exclusivity Russia proposes harmonization of regional economic projects, the so-called integration of integration, based on universal, transparent principles of international trade. As an example, our plans for the pairing of the Eurasian Economic Union, the Chinese initiative to establish economic zones “Silk Road”. And still we see great prospects for harmonization of integration processes in the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union.

023 Ladies and gentlemen, among the issues that affect the future of mankind, such a challenge as global climate change. We are interested in the effectiveness of the UN Climate Conference, to be held in December in Paris. As part of its contribution to the national plan by 2030 to limit greenhouse gas emissions to 70-75% from 1990 levels. However, I take a look at this problem more widely. Yes, setting quotas for emissions using other nature tactical measures, we may be at a certain period and remove the acuteness of the problem, but it certainly will not solve it radically. We need a qualitatively different approach. It should be on the implementation of innovative, prirodopodobnyh technologies that do not cause damage to the surrounding world, and there are with him in harmony and allow the person to restore the disturbed balance between the biosphere and the technosphere. It’s really a challenge of planetary scale. And I am convinced that the answer to it, mankind has the intellectual potential. We need to join forces, and especially those states that have a strong research base, backlog of basic science. We offer to convene under the auspices of the UN special forum for a comprehensive look at the problems associated with the depletion of natural resources, habitat destruction, climate change. Russia is ready to become one of the organizers of the forum.

024 Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues. January 10, 1946 in London, the first session of the UN General Assembly. Opening it, the chairman of the preparatory committee session, the Colombian diplomat Zoleto Angel, in my opinion, very succinctly formulated the principles on which to build their UN activities. This goodwill, contempt for intrigue and cunning spirit of cooperation. Today these words sound like a farewell to all of us. Russia believes in the tremendous potential of the United Nations, which should help to avoid a new global confrontation and move on to the strategy of cooperation, together with other countries will work consistently for strengthening the central coordinating role of the UN. I am convinced that working together, we will make the world stable and safe, to ensure conditions for the development of all countries and peoples ..... Thank you for your attention.


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