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According to atheism -- Atheist [ey-thee-ist] (one who worships the mind of man) --

btw frosted1030 ... you claim we (Christians) have no evidence for our belief in God ... yet you display no evidence for your claim there is no God .... tell me why you care .. you seem angry and upset that we believe in God ... does our belief in God affect your life ? ... because we believe in God means you're having a bad day ?? .. your BELIEF that God does not exist does not affect us at all ... we couldn't care less that you believe or dis-believe ... we would LIKE you to believe because your eternal destiny is at stake .. however it is not our responsibility to save you ... only our responsibility to live and display the word of God that you might make a clear choice ....... Hope you have a wonderful day


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Wow.. corrupting the youth ... You should be ashamed. What can you evidence for creationism? Nada. You can't evidence a nonstarter like that.
People are taught evolution because it is a fact (an observation). Denying that fact only makes you look like you are afraid to face reality.

+Gary Lang "Hello I am a creationist and if you are referring to "micro evolution" yes I agree with you, it is observable." Really? You don't understand that evolution is the category that micro and macro evolution are under? Where did you get your education?

"However if you are referring to "macro evolution" where one species kind changes into another, that has never been observed, not even in the fossil record." This is a common misnomer of people that refuse to take a trip to a natural history museum, or have no background in any of the many supporting sciences. Evolution is supported, the distinction between macro and micro is timescale, the process is no different.

"You are wanting proof for creation I suggest you consider what we have learned about the DNA molecule." We have learned that DNA shows vast and substantial evidence for common descent. Nothing can show evidence for creationism, as that's not remotely an hypothesis, it lacks any kind of possible validity.

"The DNA molecule contains vast amounts of information similar to computer code." DNA is an acid, not a code. You are conflating linguistic programming with chemical reactions. Totally different.

"Information has to come from intelligence." Wrong again! This one is so simple even a creationist could understand it:
Information is defined in science as anything that can be measured (or also known as anything that is real). That does not mean that it MUST be measured, interpreted, or be useful in any way. It is simply information. Intelligence is only required to interpret information. Anything that exists is and can generate information as a property by definition.

" In reality it takes more faith to believe that something came from nothing than is does to believe in a God who created mankind in His image who loves you and gave His only Son die for the sins of the world so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life." So many things wrong with this statement.
1. DisbeLIEf is not beLIEving in something. You want to define it as beLIEf in nothing (a concept you don't accept). Thus, disbeLIEf is a concept you refuse to accept, and that makes you gullible.
2. Real things don't require beLIEf.
3. It takes a great deal of gullibility (faith) to think that a brainless mind raped a married thirteen year old girl to give birth to itself to forgive itself for being angry at dead a dirt-man because he listened to a rib-woman, that got advice from a talking snake and ate from a magic tree. Then fakes its own death (and fails at this ridiculous plan to forgive itself by killing itself). So now it just invisibly hangs around judging you and watching you poop, and promises that if you are really sorry, and subservient enough during all your life, you will get to continue your lifestyle when you are dead.
Are you kidding? That's bat-shit crazy. Show me anything eternal outside of mathematical abstraction. Can't? Not even the sun is eternal.
Now, you want to compare that complex nonsense to not beLIEving such nonsense? Get real.


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