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Postby dadman » Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:26 am

Alexander J Caruso posts this >>> https://www.facebook.com/BigThinkScienc ... ment_reply

And so I respond .... Robert Cleary ... Interesting that the guy talks about anything and everything BUT science .... oh well here you go LINK ... peace

Alexander J Caruso .. If You watch this I'll read your article .... LINK

Robert Cleary That's okay Alex ... I'm just responding to your attacks on my faith ... so long as I have the ability to lay my 2 cents on the table, I am therewith content ... have a great day <><

Alexander J Caruso ... I understand. When you're "faith" requires you to believe in things that really don't make sense, the safest thing to do is to just stay in your tiny echo chamber.

Robert Cleary ... likewise


Alexander J Caruso .. Just when you thought you understood, the story of the Sun of god ... https://www.facebook.com/the.butterfly. ... permPage=1

Kevin Loss ... Well, I read over Robbie's article and watched a few minutes of the videos and I am convinced of one thing: It is a beautiful thing to be alive. We are unique creatures capable of cooking up all sorts of kooky messiahs. That seems like enough of a reason to be kind and tip my hat to any circumstances that I am aware or unaware of that put me on a brilliant blue planet nestled close enough, but not too close, to the warmth of a dying star while communicating to dear people using a thin sliver of silicon and what's left of my wits at the end of this gifted day.

Alexander J Caruso to Kevin Loss ... Right on Kevin. I hear that. I definitely forget to just be nice. Thanks for the reminder!

Alexander J Caruso to Robert Cleary .... Ok. Perhaps we're both in our respective echo chambers. So what to do about it? I acknowledge that we all operate with our blind spots, but that's basically the point I'm trying to make - I see myself as someone who remains open to being wrong and adjusting my course accordingly. But from where I sit it seems like you (and the RWF culture in general) will only hear things that validate your existing beliefs, labeling anything that contradicts your narrative as "fake news" or the work of the devil, no matter how obvious the evidence is. Is it fear of celestial punishment? Is it that you've wrapped up your identity so tightly with your beliefs that to contradict one is to insult the other? Please explain if you're willing.

Kevin Loss ... These days, my concern is not the origin of man but rather the predicament of our continued existence.

Alexander J Caruso to Kevin Loss ... feeling that! And that's the source of all my useless rage these days. Imagine how much better our prospects would be If we could somehow get the whole Christian machine to become pro-life and not just anti-abortion.

Kevin Loss The 31% of people who support Donald Trump are more than enough proof that evolution is only a theory. But when I look at these cousin-diddling MAGA knuckle draggers, I'm not too convinced of an intelligent design either.

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