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The Pearl of Great Price

001- create website .... out of the box memorial.com html - CHECK

002- pearl OGP card ..... number 2018-0919a last name - first name

003- create FB page specifically for POGP .... go-live / (mbasic) downloaded-edited-n-uploaded to specific (private) youtube channel .... no names uploaded but total recording saved
pamplet on terms of video placement and use .... permission given on total recording saved

004- Bless-er = 1,000.00 donation - check to (10)100.00 cash dollar bills and one small pearl .... 50 > don > 50 > supports the continuance of this ministry ----
100 up to 900.00 to the Bless-ee (starting w/target go) / (go up 000) or (total go green) Jesus: more blessed to give than to Receive ... right ?
can we at this time bring in to the conversation our Bless-er ?

005- phone 1 in contact w/ bless-er/s via headphones (Don Conrad) ? .... phone 2 to FB go-live on action pole mounted phone - recording directed by client/investor/bless-er

006- begin w/ 100 to targeted bless-ee (not-retracted) ..... and only directed by bless-er to increase the amount even up to the total 900.00 if so desired

your (Bless-er) suggested target to Bless .....
it might be a Walmart greeter (this gets us in the door :)
it might be an elderly man/woman struggling just to get around
it might be a young woman herding small children along


007- website (same format as twistedfate) photo process and components - CHECK

dadmansabode/180000A/01.html .... pearl of great price - CHECK

commitment of 1000 for memorial and 1,000 to POGP ministry

008- personal bless-or / bless-ee page created ... 180924A
photo of client/s ... memorial statement
009- photo of memorial plate created and installed
010- Rail-Road and video of plate installation if needed
011- links to pearl of great price scripture and or designated scripture desired ie: the Beatitudes mt 5 etc etc.
012- process progress illustrated by legend and block colors displayed
013- email address displayed (name and client number) for updates and client review testimonies if granted.

if someone who does business w/ me was referred to me by you .. 5% of total price paid will be sent to the client referrer-er

plastic pearls no holes crafts - https://www.google.com/search?q=no+hole ... e&ie=UTF-8
small ziplock bags 1" x 1" - https://www.amazon.com/Mini-Lock-Bags-I ... B00V796EXU

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