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Postby dadman » Tue May 26, 2020 8:52 am

ImageImage .. MaryCaruso7’s Replies to Donald Trump’s tweets and re-tweets

07-01 ----- So what’s your daddy going to do about the trillions he’s added to the national debt with his tax cuts for the wealthy?

06-29 ----- A woman who has a complication during or after an abortion procedure has access to hospital emergency services regardless of whether or not the doctor performing the abortion has admitting privileges or not.

06-29 ----- This isn’t about keeping women safe and YOU know it! It’s about causing serious burden to women seeking an abortion. At least be honest about your anti-choice agenda.

06-20 ----- There IS medication for your delusional thoughts you know!

06-20 ----- Great attempt to spin. Only 6,200 showed up for your “I’m so great, stroke my ego” rally. There were more protestors than that outside! Looks like your days of squatting in our White House are numbered!

06-14 ----- June 14th has become official President Obama appreciation day! The best president in our lifetime! ..... an Islamic plant

CURRENT EVENTS: ----- BLM and Antifa occupy a 6 block area in Seattle WA ... 'chop' ~ demand the abolishment of the Police ~ link

06-09 ----- How can you approve of Trump when he’s a malignant narcissistic sociopath who has destroyed our country? Are you really that stupid?

You haven’t a clue. Resign for the good of our country ..... Um, Mary, THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE !! :P

Crime is the lowest in recorded history? Do you just pull these numbers out of your ass?

06-06 ----- Can’t wait to “lose” you in November! ..... Lose to Biden ?? < don't hold your breath

We can’t imagine YOU as president for 4 more years. You’re the worst “leader” the US has ever had to endure. .... Like you’re someone who matters? LOL!

Amazing how you always project your own sins onto others. If you accuse someone of unethical behavior, it’s a sure bet you’re doing it yourself!

Shut up you pathetic POS! .... Do you ever do anything but play golf and tweet?

heard there were more people protesting you than the morons supporting you! .... I can’t wait to hear you screaming about voter fraud in November after you get your ass kicked! ..... by Joe Biden ?? ... oh please !!

06-04 ----- You need to get back on your meds ..... now who is it that has been on anti-depressants for years X 10 ?

So gassing and shooting rubber bullets is the answer to peaceful protestors? Why dont you move to China, I’m sure you’d like it a lot ..... Um, they set a church on fire

You HAVE to be kidding!! Another 4 years of this BS and there will be no USA ..... Um, you mean no SOCIALIST/MARXIST USA

You really like “dominating” don’t you? You really are a pathetic POS .. The silent majority want your ass out of our White House! ..... Um, this 'silent majority' you speak of lost the previous election

06-03 ----- would like to see some real evidence that stimulus checks were given to “illegal aliens”. Also, “living within our means” is just Republicanspeak for “don’t expect any financial help during this crisis”

MAY 2020 -----------------------

CURRENT EVENTS: ----- protests black lives matter george floyd ~ link

05-29 ----- If this administration had done its job in the first place, we might not have lost so many lives,
overwhelmed our healthcare system, and caused such devastation to our economy.
This is all on Republicans who continue to support the worst president in our lifetime .. Shame on you.

So is this the “crime” you’re alluding to? You’re a disaster, Obama is simply speaking the truth.
He told “us” to bring manufacturing home? It’s been 3.5 years, why hasn’t HE done it?

Why don’t you stop looking to blame others for your incompetence and focus on getting healthcare workers the supplies
they need and testing for all Americans? You’re absolutely pathetic.

You’re an idiot just like Trump

Oh shut up, the blood is on the hands of our idiot in chief. He denied the pandemic was an issue until he was forced to say
otherwise. His response has been a complete disaster.

So women have no right to pregnancy prevention funding if they work for a Catholic organization?
My sister almost died in childbirth because she was a faithful Catholic and thought it was sinful to use artificial BC.
It’s obvious you don’t give a damn for the safety of women.

Excuse me, I happen to be part of “the American people” and I hate Trump. You don’t speak for us, you bimbo.

You fucking malignant narcissist, we don’t care about your “approval ratings”....
you’re going to get SLAMMED in November!! I can’t wait to watch them drag your ass out of OUR White House!!!!!

Are you fucking kidding? Your response to this pandemic has been a miserable failure, just like your
entire “presidency”! We don’t have enough testing supplies you idiot.

STFU you GD moron!

Why don’t you stop embarrassing yourself and just resign. You’re absolutely pathetic and the worst “president” we’ve ever had to endure.

Trump’s trade war has been a disaster for our farmers! What have you done for them
other than lock step with Trump’s failed policies?

The country is divided, but not because of Democrats. Republicans have devolved into the party of Trump,
the most divisive “president” in our lifetime. Looking forward to November! Laura Lombard will be a refreshing change!

You are embarrassing to our country.
I can’t wait until November when you find out how truly despised you are by the American people!

APRIL 2020 -----------------------

I thought one of your goals for being president was to unify our country?
How does all your decisive rhetoric do that? I cant wait until November!

The media only reports what you say and do. Americans (those with a working brain) can see you for what you are, a pathetic
excuse for a human being and a totally incompetent leader. You will be judged by
historians as the worst president we’ve ever had to endure.

The media only reports what you say and do. Americans (those with a working brain) can see you for what you are, a pathetic
excuse for a human being and a totally incompetent leader. You will be judged by
historians as the worst president we’ve ever had to endure.

You’re a FAKE president! I can’t wait to watch Biden beat your ass in November!!
We WILL take our country back from the most inept leader in history!

Why should your golf clubs, resorts, and hotels get bailout money? I thought you said you were a “very rich man”?
BTW, the RED STATES are the poorest states by far.

Melania is a shameless gold digger who hasn’t done a damn thing since she’s been in the WH.

I’ve noticed how you haven’t uttered one word of sympathy, compassion, or empathy for the tens of thousands of Americans
who have died from this pandemic that you insisted was a hoax for months. You are such a sad excuse for a human being.
I can’t wait until November!

Who gives a fuck about your “ratings”? You should step down and allow someone qualified to lead us through this crisis that
you helped create. We have NEVER had such a narcissistic, incompetent leader!!

Why don’t you stop trying to distract America with your bullshit and put your energy into getting
adequate supplies to our healthcare workers.

..... Robby's comment

06-03 -----

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