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Atheist [ey-thee-ist] (one who trusts and worships the mind of man as 'highest authority')

"absence of evidence" (lol) is not evidence of there being no evidence < get a clue, atheists

looks like he conceded that he has no argument against your logic there. Atheists and evolutionists hate simplification of logic, it makes their heads explode
Check out these videos Image Image (how to make an atheist's head explode)

militant atheism .. First Church of Atheism .. Court rules atheism a religion .. Growing number of atheist churches' in Bible Belt ..
New state religion of West replaces God with nature .. atheists start their magachurch

the REJECTION of religion led to the most violent century in history https://www.facebook.com/prageru/videos ... 182638562/

Undojesus.org < the end goal of militant atheism

Atheists are fools - why

13 reasons why I am not an atheist

Atheism and arrogance

atheistic communism's tragic legacy

atheistic communism's murdered millions

Atheism and world peace ??

Atheism As A Religion: An Introduction to the World's Least Understood Faith

the real consequences of atheism < audio: Dr Lane Craig

Questions for atheists

Atheism: ... the belief that in the beginning there was nothing ..
and then for no reason, nothing happened to nothing and magically caused nothing to explode into everything ...
and then a bunch of everything for no reason whatsoever decided to rearrange itself into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs
....... lol .... bout as "rational" as it gets ....... link

an atheist holiday ... how will you celebrate ? ........
Oh Oh I Know I Know .... I'm headed for a big upcoming concert .. one of my favorite bands in town ....
when it's over I'm going to get up on the stage and thank the guitars / amplifiers and drums for making such great sound .....
ha ha ha .. aw ya killn me :) happy atheist fool's day in advance


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