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2013-06-02 .. South East Wichita Kansas .. 10:30 PM .. dadman1240@gmail.com .. .. UFO Report

Linda: .. 2013-06-02 .. Robby and I saw UFO june 2 at 10:30 PM Southeast flying northwest. I zoomed in with my phone but lost the vid. Orange (robby thought purplish) pulsating sphere. In my zoom I saw it break into a lot of pieces and then come back together. Lasted about 30 seconds. The freaky clincher was that it was completely silent!

Robby: .. Linda and I were sitting at the fire pit Sunday night facing south @ approx 10:30 PM .. the second I saw it approaching from behind the trees .. I immediately knew this was something different .. I looked at Linda and said: "stand up" .. as it emerged from behind the tree .. it was now in plain sight .. a VERY BRIGHT AND GLOWING redish / orange / purpleish tint .. a completely round and spherical object . . . as if you held out a penny between your thumb and finger as far as you could and moved it across the sky .. it was moving approx 120 mph like a small plane preparing to land .. moving in a straight line (as a satellite would) but low and slow . . . this WAS NOT an airplane or mechanical craft .. it was hard to tell just how far away it was .. but to me .. it looked close enough to be able to hear if it was something mechanical .. it had no beacon lights .. it had no wing-span and it made absolutely NO sound AT ALL . . . the wind speed was no more than 1 mph . . . we watched it for about 25-30 seconds as it approached from the South East and traveled to the North West until it disappeared behind our house and tree line . . . Linda watched it in her camera phone (zoomed in) and said for about 2 seconds .. it seemed to separate/expand into smaller pieces as in fireworks (she mentioned fireworks) and then gathered itself back together . . . the weather was cool / still / very clear and vivid stars . . . something messed up with the phone and Linda was not able to save the video . . . DRATT !!! ..

Our first UFO Sighting 2013-06-02 Wichita KS


Hello my name is Linda and I'm Robby's wife in the above UFO encounter ..
Just to be clear .. the picture showing the sphere at regular size and then when expanded ..
is a rendition created by me in Photoshop

I have always paid passive attention to the issue of UFOs .. all I can say now is . . . seeing is believing

I am 56 years old . . . and I have NEVER seen anything like this . . . from now on . . .
I have my small HD Bloggie video camera in my pocket .. and an eye on the sky

. . . morning / noon and night

Now yall excuse me while I go finish filling my living room with dirt ....... ha !! .. dadman1240@gmail.com


................ file a UFO report

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Image Image

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First contact . . . Stan Seba . . . . E-mail: ufos-n-kansas @ nym . hush . com . . . reference case number 47933

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