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2016-08-02 ... Dear Richard ... I apologize for being so long in my response ... it's been crazy busy ..
I finally got the courage to search (and found) my basement for the Cleary History Book among my mother-n-Law's stored junk ..
my wife had to tie a rope to my leg / lol ...... I will send the found book to you ASAP and I'll send you a note as soon as it is in the mail .. hopefully this weekend
Don't worry about any cost .. It's my privilege to send it to you .... I'm not sure where it came from but I do not have a Family Bible ...
You might be thinking of the information from a Church Missile mentioned in the book .... anyhow, I've gleaned all the information I want from the book to my own site.

please return your mailing address

however, If you scan the pages to an electronic format, I would like to receive if possible a copy of that for my Children's Children when you're done ... please keep the book

Robby Cleary
1240 S Kansas
Wichita Kansas 67211

I am sorry to say that the Woman who complied this book Patricia Anne Keefe has passed away last year ....
I will be forever grateful for her commitment and dedication to our Family's history and the information she gave to us all ... http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/wicked ... =176001563 ... may she rest in peace

Have a great day Richard


2015-08-30 http://forebears.io/surnames/cleary .... Robby, I came across this site that tracks the meaning of surnames and the number of times they occur in various countries. Interesting that there are more Clearys in the US than in Ireland. Richard

http://www.irelandxo.com/user .. Robby Cleary dadman1240 / nb02
http://www.irelandxo.com/ireland-xo/mes ... ted-states

ppay@aol.com ... http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/wicked ... =176001563

Richard Stoneman .. r.stoneman@mac.com .. 519-586-3760
Robby Cleary .. dadman1240@gmail.com .. 316-992-9211

http://www.irelandxo.com/ireland/clare/ ... n-co-clare

The link above provides additional data that can be added to the family history, giving the dates that each of Richard’s children were born. I happened on the link last night. I have left a message on the site’s message board, asking the author about the source of the information and whether or not any attempt had been made to find any older historical information on the family. The information appears to be precise.

Thanks for your email yesterday and will let you know when I get additional information.

My address in Toronto is:

260 Russell Hill Road, Unit 5
Toronto, ON
M4V 2T2

Best regards,



I would like a user name and password for your Cleary family history. I have been trying to trace my family history and was only able to get back to Patrick Cleary, in Quyon, Quebec. You have a much more complete history that I discovered through Goggle.

My Mother’s name is Lois Cleary and her Grandfather was Lawrence Cleary, Great Grandfather Patrick Cleary, who lived in Quyon, Quebec. She grew up in Arnprior, Ontario, across the river from Quyon, Pontiac County, Quebec. Attached (top right) is the parish record of Patrick Cleary’s death on the 5th of August, 1888. His wife Mary Maher, at the age of 89 (according to this record). This record is extracted from the Drouin Collection of Quebec Church records.

In tracing the various birth, death, marriage, census data, I am having a problem with dates.

In the 1861 Canadian census Patrick was listed as 60, while Mary was 50.

In the 1871 Canadian census Patrick was listed at 70, while Mary was still 50?

Your record of Patrick Cleary being born in 1809 makes sense, if Margaret was his mother. Margaret, born in 1791, is unlikely to have had a child in 1800.

I would appreciate it if you could send me a PDF copy of the pages from your family missal on the early days of the Cleary family - connection to Richard Cleary, record of sailing to Canada.

I live in Toronto, Ontario 416 901 3277. If you want any of the Census, or other data I have on the Cleary family please let me know.

Best regards,

Richard Stoneman

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