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omG !!!! .... the wreck continues

Subject: Training aids URGENT


Wrinn, Jonathan: Hi Robert - where are you located?
Wrinn, Jonathan: 515-8891 when you have a chance or IM back

I am at the very NW corner / upper floor of B90

Wrinn, Jonathan: 10 work for you to meet?

very good

Wrinn, Jonathan: Have you physically seen the cockpit we are working on? Would that help?

I have the most recent updates for AT-1 and AT-3 .. I have not 'physically' seen ... just graphic line art

Wrinn, Jonathan: Then a field trip is in order. I will meet you on the production floor near the flight hangar at 10. bring a jacket as we are going to B-84

very good ... see you there at 10

Jon Wrinn: Will do! Many thanks.
Sarah Hurd: Jon, Please get with Rob Cleary asap to go over the changes needed; he and Shannon have generously agreed to support! Files are at the following location: I:\jpats\Rob Cleary AT Files for LAE
Anderson, Shannon: Sarah, Rob is available to help. Give him a call and let him know which files and art he needs to update.
Sarah Hurd: I have reached out to Jason Stevens and he is out this afternoon.
I am not skilled enough in AI to do the work it will take, in this quick turn, to develop these. Is Rob cleary available to assist? There is a work order for LAE efforts.
If we strike out here, we have no choice but to outsource or photograph and print. Any other suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.
Jon Wrinn: I would gladly be at your service to support revision guidance. Just need someone fluent in Adobe Illustrator.
Sarah Hurd: These are the most recent revisions to those drawings. We do not have an illustrator so we will need engineering/pilot guidance on the revisions.
Our west side support would not know the AT manuals or product line. Whether we outsource or find someone who can help support from within, we need to have guidance on changes.
I’m concerned we have some significant changes to be made based on the rev dates I have in Deb’s files and what will be presented at Holloman in May.
Jon Wrinn: Sarah, The best and most accurate way to figure this out would be for the illustrator to overlay the following AI files (from the flight manual)
and alter the 2015 color ones (or newer if located, I believe updates were made for every AT-6 proposal effort…) to match component locations. AT00D 170728AB / AT00D 170729AA / AT00D 170759AB / AT00D 170760AA

Sarah Hurd: Thanks, Christian. I’ve located the files. We are needing an adobe illustrator expert now omG
Christian Schuster: All, I’ve attached some graphics that look like they might be what is needed for this. Are these what you are looking for?
Angela Plummer: Sylvia & Wanted to loop you two in on this one.
The detail they want is extensive, so I had to pass on us helping. Attached you will find what they want the final to look like (Image.jpg) and what we currently have to start with (two PDFs).
Sarah Hurd: Do you see any reference number on those? I’m searching the directory for those titles.
Jon Wrinn: Sarah, If we only have line art, where did the attached come from? .. Where is it ( and it’s many variants already done in adobe illustrator by Deb Ackers-Hurley) now? .. If we could find these, I think the task request would be quite reasonable

From: Nash, Pamela
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2018 3:39 PM
To: Hurd, Sarah <SHurd@txtav.com>
Subject: FW: Training aids

Pam Nash: Sarah, Please see below; I realize we don’t possess the skill set to do this type of work any more -- Could you provide guidance just where we need to go for this type of support. Thanks so much - Pam

From: Wrinn, Jonathan
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2018 3:03 PM
To: Rambo, Michael <MRambo@txtav.com>
Cc: Nash, Pamela <PNash@txtav.com>; WEBSTER, THOMAS <TWEBSTER@txtav.com>
Subject: Training aids


Could you please resource our graphics folks to provide detailed, color, in flight representative cockpit graphics for the AT-6 front and rear cockpit plus respective side panels. The cardboard/PVC cockpit has been an invaluable training aid for our customers (pic attached). I’d like to make a rear cockpit version as well, plus ship the ejection seat trainer to HMN. As simple as they look, they are priceless in generating the eye-hand coordination required.

I need top cover to generate the graphics if they aren’t already made. And I’d need them completed by Tuesday COB if possible (allow for printing mounting and included in shipment). Argh. Sorry.


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