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Performance Management Program (PMP) 2019 Performance Form for RC ... Charge to X-307

Business Objectives

...... Expand Our Product Excellence

Objective details - This objective will be the start for the new AT4 and forward, much time and effort will be paid to gathering all the past and recent AT Illustrations to a new centralized directory for the update, as I'm told, approximately 1,500 or more Illustrations will be affected. there are line weights that are inconsistent / locators and formatting that need to be updated and brought to consistency ... Much communication with engineering to assure that launching this effort means that the locators ie: Plane (all 8 perspectives) / Instrument Panels / Consoles and Avionic bays are accurate in their configuration at the start, any major changes after this point will cause significant production loss < to be avoided at all cost.

Action step 1 - Strict communication is vital to the accomplishment of writer satisfaction, art archives in hard copy manuals are also vital to smooth depiction of the areas of interest and quick access to the Aircrafts specific areas to be illustrated, time in advance is also helpful for accomplishing areas of common use such as cockpit and avionic locators


...... Strengthen Our Customer Loyalty

Objective details - The Illustrations produced will always be directed toward the man in the field, is the illustration accurate / simple / non-cluttered and easy to understand.

Action step 1 - Continue to support inner department logistic operations when time allows such as the scanning of hard copy manuals and data to archive in digital pdf. 2. Continue to maintain number metrics as to how many illustrations are new and revised throughout the year so it can be determined whether or not I am not meeting / meeting or exceeding expectations. 3. To continue building the alphabetized system of categorizing and storing the illustration format library for quick and consistent use on each project. Continue to stay updated and complete on any and all mandatory online training ..... as of December 3rd 2018, all mandatory training is complete 4. (added in December) .... A new approach has been developed over the last 3 months to illustrating color 'photo real' images of airplane components, at this time the T-6 cockpit is rendered utilizing Photoshop and CATIA .. these images can be viewed at .... I:\jpats\Pubs\3000-color-art\_2018-10 LAA 5. for the year 2018 (as of November) there were a total of 422 New Illustrations and 527 Illustrations revised.


...... Work Smarter and Safer

Objective details - My prerequisite for working smarter will always be "never re-invent the wheel" ...
Locators and foundational art Illustrations that can be implemented will always save time and frustration allowing the Illustrative process
to run smooth/accurate/efficient and in the least amount of time.

Action step 1 - To support Writer and Engineer collaborations and communications to ensure the projects are on track and will drive toward the above expected result in a timely manor.
Revising / updating and creating desktop procedures as new programs and processes arise.
Continuing to feed chapter books and T6 areas with illustrations for quick and easy engineering reference to aid in future illustrations.
Regular communication protocols in attending all meetings of Staff / GIMBA and All Hands meetings as scheduled.


...... Comments

Looking forward to the new growth opportunities and possible expansion of our department as we anticipate a new contract for the AT-6
Looking forward to implementing the 'photo-real' CATIA color images for proposal and kit catalog opportunities


2019-04-20 = Passed Labor Audit
2019-04-12 = Volunteered Habit for Humanity
2019- ........... transfer of all T-6 Art to AT-6 directory and re-IDd as of March = 900 illustrations
2019-03 = TEX917 Textron Annual Compliance Certification (TEX917)
2019-03 = Expanded capabilities ---- Scanning hard copy manuals to .pdf / combining those pdfs into one pdf /
desktop procedure recorded @ P / ill / art / working / ABC / C / Combine files in Acrobat - DESKTOP PROCEDURE.txt

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