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Nwolfe35 ATHEISM
Nwolfe35 56 · From Virginia Beach, VA

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Prior to the third trimester the fetus does not have a developed nervous system in order to feel pain. It is not a human being with rights

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.......... New Thread < Nuclear giants and ethical infants

Modern science has eliminated demon possession as a serious diagnosis

We live in a society where once fatal diseases have been eradicated. A great improvement over trying to pray the demons out of the person.
virginia-abortion-bill-kathy-tran-ralph-northam < Ethical INFANTS

I’m from Virginia so I probably know far more about this then you and your anti abortion hysteria headlines do.

.......... Murdering Live babies < ethical infants < you own this one N ...... straight from the book of N ... No doctrines / No beliefs and No moral code

What is your moral code? as an atheist, does it matter ? ... (I'm playing by your platform) is not truth in the eye of the beholder ??
The one that supported slavery? well, if you don't believe in slavery, then by all means, don't own one
Eradication of Native Americans? if you don't believe in Eradication, then by all means, do not Eradicate
The Salem Witch trials? if you don't believe in Witch trials, then by all means, do not participate

I’m done playing your game. Until you start answering some questions I’m done answering yours.

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life is impossibly intricate far beyond any possibility of random interaction < you wanna get into this ?

N35 = Simple answer, life is matter with the property that it can metabolize chemicals for energy

goober = Life began through the random assembly of chemical processes.
It doesn't happen often, but given the entire universe of possibilities, it happened.
Whether it happened just once or a couple of billion times, can't say, not enough data.
But it happened at least once....

N35 = Nope, information only exists as a concept. Nothing “contains” information.
A book is made up of paper and ink. (Both are forms of matter) ... What we call information is just humans way of organizing data to make it easier to analyze.

.......... The main role of DNA in the cell is the long-term storage of information. ...
This backbone carries four types of molecules called bases and it is the sequence of these four bases that encodes information.
The major function of DNA is to encode the sequence of amino acid residues in proteins, using the genetic code.

https://www.nature.com/scitable/topicpa ... al-6493050

What do a human, a rose, and a bacterium have in common? Each of these things — along with every other organism on Earth — contains the molecular instructions for life, called deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. Encoded within this DNA are the directions for traits as diverse as the color of a person's eyes, the scent of a rose, and the way in which bacteria infect a lung cell.

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.......... Murdering Live babies < ethical infants < you own this one N ...... straight from the book of N ... No beliefs / No moral code

I have no doctrines associated with my atheism, no beliefs, no moral code and no rituals.
Have (you) stopped stoning gay people and disobedient children? Your book says you should.
.......... lol, let's operate from the platform of YOUR book for a minute ... okay ?
.......... Please be patient folks as Nwolfe35 consults his advisors .............
.......... Well folks, it's been xxx minutes now .... maybe Nwolfe35's advisors are now consulting w/ their advisors ??
.......... Wolfe .. have you stopped eating babies yet ??

There is no book for atheism...let alone one that commands we eat babies
OR maybe Nwolfe35 has a job and isn't monitoring your every post. .... < fair point ... I'll be gone for an hour at the bottom of the hour
.......... So ... you're alright (perfectly fine ) w/ eating babies .... right ?

virginia-abortion-bill-kathy-tran-ralph-northam https://www.vox.com/2019/2/1/18205428/v ... ph-northam <<<

Note: ... This conversation is operating form the platform of
Nwolfe35's no doctrines / no beliefs / no moral codes / no rituals Atheistic codebook

So you’re alright with stoning gays or disobedient children? After all that is NOT a separate point from your religion. Your religion calls for it.

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