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Image .. Display God's word and 'debate' those 'unredeemed' who 'dwell upon the earth' ----- 9 to 9
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planning to respond to this
this has been responded to ... my reply documented

2023-01-18a ========================================= dadmansabode =====
nowandzenagain good grapes
PirateRadio I like those
nowandzenagain oh man
PirateRadio Now Im hungry
PirateRadio need a snack
PirateRadio brb
nowandzenagain okie dokie
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dadmansabode whew !! ..... great examples of those headed for an eternity of Hell .... you know them by their fruit ... Doctrine and character
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dadmansabode War Room - Steve Bannon - 9am and 3pm CST .... https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/w ... ar-room-3/
dadmansabode I gotta give a plug here / Patriot Barbie / https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/p ... 1590743865
dadmansabode .com
dadmansabode live now .... Charlie Kirk / YouTube
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dadmansabode back to display more stupidity ?
PirateRadio you can boot , just not debate
PirateRadio kid

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dadmansabode later oh uninformed one
dadmansabode I gotta find the spot for Tucker Carlson .... He deserves it / https://www.foxnews.com/person/c/tucker-carlson
dadmansabode This reminds me ..............
dadmansabode The Simple Gospel .. https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-lib ... ple-gospel
dadmansabode A Plan for Dying in Your Sins .. https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-lib ... -your-sins
dadmansabode Four Ways to Miss Heaven .. https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-lib ... iss-heaven
dadmansabode Four Marks of a Hell-Bound Man .. https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-lib ... lbound-man
dadmansabode I hope this helps PirateRadio
dadmansabode .com
dadmansabode gotta plant a place for Greg Kelly / https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/t ... 1593731830

2023-01-14a ========================================= https://www.wireclub.com/chat/room/what ... le_teaches

2023-01-13b ========================================= atheism 2.0 =====
dadmansabode buy superpowerbuy drinkreplyflagIf there is no God ..... then who decides what is right and what is wrong ?
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wesatsaligi hi there!
wesatsaligi two of my favorite guys!
wesatsaligi society does dad
wesatsaligi mc?
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wesatsaligi hi
Eiri Happy Friday
wesatsaligi you too!
wesatsaligi dad, did you leave?
dadmansabode so in 1939 in Germany it'd be okay to murder a Jew .... just fine ??
wesatsaligi what did society say about that?
dadmansabode in the democrat South in America 1860 .... it'd be okay to own another Human Being .... just fine ??
wesatsaligi what did society say?
dadmansabode it was just fine $$$.$$
wesatsaligi ok
wesatsaligi but society changed it's mind, correct?
dadmansabode well, that would be 'their' truth
wesatsaligi so they decided what was good and bad, correct?
dadmansabode "but society changed it's mind, correct?" < however, it was okay then ... right ?
wesatsaligi yes
dadmansabode "so they decided what was good and bad," < according to their truth
wesatsaligi yes
dadmansabode just as murdering babies today is fine
wesatsaligi so it was ok for god to destroy everyone on earth except those in the ark?
dadmansabode are you married ??
wesatsaligi what does my mariatal status have to do with good and bad?
dadmansabode just wondering
wesatsaligi you haven't answered my question
dadmansabode God is the only one with that authority
wesatsaligi it was ok for god to turn sarah into a pillar of salt just for lookig back?
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wesatsaligi lol
dadmansabode you married to just one ?
wesatsaligi so he doesn't have to practice what he preaches
dadmansabode just one ?
wesatsaligi again, my marital status is none of your business
dadmansabode but it'd be okay to have more than one ... right ?
wesatsaligi if society says so, yes
dadmansabode no ... what about your truth
wesatsaligi you asked about what was bad and good and i told you it was based on society. my truth has nothing to do with this conversation. if you're going to skip around, then this isn't a serious conversation
dadmansabode later dude ......... anything goes .. right ?
wesatsaligi ok dudette
dadmansabode if you say so
wesatsaligi ditto
dadmansabode Left the room

2023-01-13a ========================================= atheism =====
dadmansabode so, our world is getting better and better ... right ?
Mc_Cubus ?
PleaseClarify I was not raised with any religious ideas. Tell me yours.
Mc_Cubus hello Please
PleaseClarify hi, cub, all
dadmansabode Jesus will return and ultimately create a new Heaven and a new Earth
dadmansabode Indeed, Jesus is the Creator of the Universe
Mc_Cubus And you know that because ... ?
Mc_Cubus Are you a fortune teller ?
dadmansabode it's what the Bible indicates
Mc_Cubus All books say something
PleaseClarify there are many religions out there. What makes Jesus real?
dadmansabode what I love about the bible, is that the story is not yet over ... and the best (for me) is yet to come
Mc_Cubus Sounds like to me you're trying to be a fortune teller
PleaseClarify does the bible talk about what we would do in heaven?
Mc_Cubus The past and the future can rob the present
dadmansabode in deed it does .... you want teaching on this ??
PleaseClarify condense it for me
Mc_Cubus I have read that KJV version bible 10 times from cover to cover every single word
Mc_Cubus Every other bible at least once
PleaseClarify is that jehovas' wit?
dadmansabode well. it wont be like here .... glorified bodies / eternal life / no pain /no death / no tears
PleaseClarify hmmm
Mc_Cubus Believe me they will come a time when your body will say it is time to go
Mc_Cubus And you rejoice
PleaseClarify and all this in heaven under close supervision of God?
dadmansabode HEAVEN .... https://www.gty.org/library/topical-series-library/175 < enjoy
dadmansabode .com

PleaseClarify are there activitites in heaven?
dadmansabode Left the room
PleaseClarify what do you do in heaven all day?
Mc_Cubus Now you did it Please
PleaseClarify I've tried these questions for years with religious people. They are fair questions. They are never answered.
PleaseClarify There is a chance that religious people get so distracted with a fable that they don't focus on what they should be focusing on, which is a shame.
Mc_Cubus I have found through my experience as that most Christians have never read the bible 1 time like they do any other books
Mc_Cubus They read vers
PleaseClarify I don't even know what is gained by reading it. I think we all kind of know the cliff notes on it.
Mc_Cubus Well actually the old testament is for the jews only
PleaseClarify I think what happens is there is so much positivity and promise from people who share religious ideas that people become attached to the religion.
Mc_Cubus That's true and everything not just religion and pop culture is a big example of it

dadmansabode ........... your answers are contained in the audio file above < no excuses
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2023-01-11c ==============================================
DontNeedChrist where's dad?
DontNeedChrist he's kinda whack that guy
nowandzenagain that dude?
nowandzenagain idk
nowandzenagain Left the room

2023-01-11b ==============================================
Bluemonti -- more people have been murdered then all wars under your god --- I
BTW ...... Bluemonti -- "more people have been murdered then all wars under your god" .....
how many babies murdered since 1973 in just America alone under your god < the god of this world / a liar and a murderer from the beginning.
and another BTW Bluemonti .... just wait till you enter what the bible calls: 'The (7 years) great tribulation period ...
indeed, ungodly 'religious' people will be 'drunk with the blood of the saints'. ...
indeed, Corruption / perversion and violence will literally fill the Earth (as in the days of Noah and lot)

Bluemonti -- your imaginary being in the sky
Bluemonti -- jewish fairy tales
dadmansabode -- Um, no .... that would be Atheistic based ideologies
Bluemonti -- is that so
dadmansabode -- communism
dadmansabode -- Slavery
Bluemonti -- slavery and all the owners were some religion
Bluemonti -- even under christiany
Bluemonti -- complete nonsense
dadmansabode -- um, no ..... Christianity enslaves no man, but frees them
Bluemonti -- religion was invented to control the masses make them sheep,, easier to control
Well, you're partially right Bluemonti, however, we (Christians) submit willfully, it's not a 'control' issue ...
John 10:27-28 - Jesus: "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me ..
And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand."
tell me Bluemonti, do you have traffic lights of green/yellow and red in your place of residence ? ... if so, then how many 'red lights' do you run a day ?? ... and if none, why ???

dadmansabode -- atheism .... the religion that allows man to be God
Bluemonti read your bible all of it not just the parts you so called christians cherry pick
Bluemonti -- man doesnt need a god to live a decent moral life
dadmansabode -- the Bible ... the truth about man / God / the past / the future
dadmansabode -- the good / the bad and the ugly
Bluemonti -- wow,, too late for you,,your already brainwashed beyond hope
dadmansabode -- one cannot inherit Heaven by a 'decent moral life'
Bluemonti -- god luva all children,, then lets them be molested by religious people
dadmansabode -- religious people can be the worst
Bluemonti -- who wants to inherit heaven,, it doesnt even exist
nowandzenagain -- yeah don't blame god
nowandzenagain -- god didnt molest them kids
Bluemonti -- god destroyed many people,, women and children included
dadmansabode -- you will know them by their fruit .... true or false
Bluemonti -- the old testament
Bluemonti -- is full of murders,, slavery,, gay concubines
dadmansabode -- God could wipe out the universe and be totall righteous in doing so .... he owes us nothing
Bluemonti -- no one can prove that jesus even exsisted
dadmansabode -- h a t e v e r
Bluemonti -- if there was a god,,his biggest mistake was making humans
Zm_4 Left the room
Bluemonti -- have a nice day,, i hope you come to your senses
Bluemonti -- Left the room
dadmansabode -- if you're are frustrated with the horizontal . ... you need to grab the vertical
dadmansabode -- https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/dai ... sus-exist/
dadmansabode -- later Bluemonti
dadmansabode -- Am I the Kind of Person God Saves? ... https://www.gty.org/library/topical-series-library/268

2023-01-11a ==============================================
Joe In Cal -- science does not indicate a god
dadmansabode -- sure it does .... all life derives from a source of intelligence ..... http://dadmansabode.com/cleary/year/202 ... C-DNA.html .. come and consider
Joe In Cal -- that's a false claim
dadmansabode -- so be it unto you
Joe In Cal -- nothing in science claims 'all life derives from a source of intelligence'
dadmansabode .com
Joe In Cal -- it's just a bald assertion
Joe In Cal -- so.. nothing else?
dadmansabode -- no need for anything else
Joe In Cal -- ok
Joe In Cal -- i'm always open to a rational reason to believe
Joe In Cal -- if you ever find one
dadmansabode -- the only rational reason is the one you reject
Joe In Cal -- you were making a bald assertion that was not remotely supported by science
Joe In Cal -- so no, that's not retional
dadmansabode -- you need to visit Romans chapter one .... http://dadmansabode.com/cleary/scriptur ... 24-32.html .... have a great day
Joe In Cal -- no
Joe In Cal -- i've read the bible

PirateRadio -- many I find need to re-visit the steps in the scientific method ...imo

Joe In Cal -- the bible is the claim
Joe In Cal -- i'm asking for evidence the supernatural claims of the bible are true
Joe In Cal -- oh well, if you ever do think of something, let me know
dadmansabode -- already did

dadmansabode -- a note to Joe in Cal ............ there is no scientific proof that life did (or ever could) evolve into existence from non-living matter. Further, there is substantial evidence that spontaneous generation is impossible.
Only DNA is known to produce DNA. No chemical interaction of molecules has even come close to producing this ultra-complex code which is so essential to all known life ........ feel free to refute
..... https://answersingenesis.org/origin-of- ... iogenesis/ .....

Challenge the message and not the messenger! ..
The first person to resort to name calling and personal attacks automatically loses the debate ..
Personal attack is the best indication that the writer knows his logic is flawed and therefore tries to deflect attention by attacking the opponent .. instead of attacking the arguments of the opponent
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