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01 Introduction .. the coming New World Order from a Biblical perspective .. an introduction to some of the concepts we're going to be covering
02 Lucifer .. we begin with a look at the adversary
03 Adam To Nimrod .. we walk through the main events between the Garden of Eden and Babylon in Genesis 1-11
04 Babylon .. a look at the city Nimrod built
05 Semiramis .. an introduction to Semiramis
06 Tower of Babel: The Mountain .. a look at what the Tower of Babel looked like and what it represented
07 Tower of Babel: Heaven .. a look at what the Tower of Babel represented
08 The Mysteries .. the religion of the tower - The Mystery Babylon religion - in some depth
09 The Birth of Tammuz & Polytheism .. how Babylon gave birth to Polytheism
10 The Scattering .. how the scattering from Babylon gave rise to all mythological systems and false religion (Revelation 17:5)
11 God's Master plan .. God's response to the spread of Mystery Babylon religion in the world
12 The Plagues .. we explore the spiritual reason for polytheism and shed light on the reasons behind the plagues of Egypt
13 The Desert Years .. the connection between the Israelities building a golden calf, Satan having bull horns, Hindus believing bulls are sacred etc. Also, some of the practices associated with Baal are explored and we gain deeper insight into the symbolic
14 Plan A & Plan B .. Series exploring the coming New World Order from a Biblical perspective. In this part, a key principle is uncovered
15 Ahab & Jezebel .. we continue through the Old Testament by introducing ourselves to a couple of pivotal characters, Ahab and Jezebel
16 God v Baal .. the contest between Elijah and the priests of Baal and a look at the increasingly common practice of tattooing
17 The Jezebel Spirit .. we explore the Jezebel spirit, it's characteristics, effects, and how to deal with it
18 Neo-Babylon .. we enter into the Neo-Babylonian period, recorded in the book of Daniel
19 The Four Kingdoms .. how the Mysteries passed down the kingdoms from Nebuchadnezzar's dream, kabbalah, and gnosticism
20 The Pergamos Detour .. how the power-base of the Mysteries briefly moved to Pergamos before Rome and how this affects our healthcare systems today
21 Caesar .. In this final part of Section 1 covering the Old Testament era, we see how the title of High Priest of the Mysteries arrived in Rome with Julius Caesar

22 Jesus .. the arrival of Jesus represents a pivotal moment
23 Roman Catholicism .. how Catholicism was created by putting a Christian facade on Mystery Babylon paganism
24 Catholic Symbols .. some of the symbols that betray Catholicism's true roots in Babylon, particularly Asherah poles
25 Catholic Symbols cont .. Also in this part, how the Catholic Mary is simply Asherah with a new name
26 Islam & Muhammad .. we begin a small look at Islam by examining the character of its founder, Muhammad
27 Allah .. we discover who Allah really is
28 The Kabah .. we confirm why Islam's primary symbol is a crescent moon and look at the pagan origins of the Kabah in Mecca
29 The Islamic Catholic Connection .. we cross reference elements of Islam with Catholicism and discover similarities that betray shared origins
30 The Dark Ages .. a brief look at the growing infiltration of Eastern forms of occultism in Western culture, before continuing our journey through time starting with the Dark Ages. A time when Catholicism grew in power as well as corruption
31 The Information War .. we have reached the Reformation and the struggle to get the Word of God into the hands of ordinary men and women in a language they can understand. Through this, we learn an extremely important principle: control of the information flow
32 The Information War II .. we complete our look at the development of the Bible and take inspiration from the Reformers as we realise how important it is for Christians to stand against manipulation and intimidation, and to keep speaking the truth in love, whatever the cost
33 The Jesuits .. we begin looking at the insidious Jesuits and their founder Ignatius Loyola. Here are the links referenced in the video
34 The Spiritual Exercises .. we look at the 'Spiritual Exercises' of Ignatius Loyola
35 The Jesuit Oath .. we look at the Jesuit Oath that detailed how they would go about fighting the Reformation by deceit and violence. Here we also find out about "fifth column" tactics
36 Jesuit Deception .. further insight into the mind of our enemy and how those under his command deceive themselves first in order to deceive others
37 The Rise And Fall Of The Jesuits .. how the Jesuits implemented their oath around Europe and gained power...and then lost it. This part concludes Section 2 of 4 by bringing us to the "Age of Enlightenment"
38 The Enlightenment .. a Europe disgusted by the behaviour of the Jesuits and Catholic church, turns its back on the God it perceives to be behind those institutions
39 Deism .. a look at the Deistic worldview that came to prominence in the Enlightenment
40 Freemasons .. how the ancient stonemason guilds develop into an occult society based on their reverence for Nimrod
41 The Illuminati .. an ex-member of the society, Adam Weishaupt, creates a new secular version and conceals it within the secret society of Freemasonry
42 Illuminati Themes .. the age old themes that have characterised the Mysteries once again showing themselves in Freemasonry/Illuminati
43 Masonic Symbols I .. Masonic symbols and themes
44 Masonic Symbols II .. we continue looking at Masonic symbols and themes
45 Republics .. the type of society the Illuminists wanted to create - societies based on the Mystery influenced writings of Plato
46 Science Dictatorships .. Having seen how Satan looked to control and dominate the flows of information in a religious context during the Dark Ages with a centralised hierarchy (Catholic church), we find him repeating the trick in the Enlightenment era as people turned towards science for the answers
47 Evolution .. look at the theory of evolution as an extension of the occult Mystery philosophy first whispered to Adam and Eve by the serpent in the Garden of Eden
48 Population Control .. how the philosophy behind Evolution led to ideas of utopia, supermen, eugenics and population control
49 The Hegelian Principle .. a key principle used to create order out of chaos or harmony out of conflict and a one world order out of many cultures; the Hegelian Principle
50 The French Revolution .. the occultists attempt to implement their plans in France...with Asherah overseeing the whole thing
51 The American Revolution .. some foundational work on the era in which the United States was birthed before we dive into the Masonic influence evident around the country
52 The Hidden Hand .. another quick interjection before looking at the Masonic influence on the founding of the United States
53 The Capitol .. we start exploring the Masonic symbolism of the United States starting with The Capitol
54 American Symbols .. we begin looking at some of the iconic symbols of the United States and their Masonic meaning
55 Lilith .. the significance of the owl shape at the Capitol is explored
56 Bohemian Grove .. a look at the midsummer retreat of the elite
56a Who Does Everyone In The World Owe Money To?
57 The Rothschild Era - Usury .. a look at Usury
58 The Rothschild Era - 19th Century Timeline .. a walk through the 19th Century exploring how the money lenders put their plans into action
59 The Fed, The Jews & Three World Wars .. we lay the last of the foundations for understanding our times
60 Are The Jews To Blame? .. we conclude Section 3 with a look at the Jews establishment back in their homeland

61 The European Union - Rome Reborn .. a look at the end time empire that will dominate prior to Jesus' return.
62 European Symbols .. we look at the symbolism of the EU and complete the line from Genesis 11 to Revelation 17
63 The United Nations Background .. a look at the nature of some of the characters who made the UN happen
64 The Spiritual United Nations .. an introduction to the spiritual aspect of the UN
65 The World Core Curriculum .. a look at the World Core Curriculum
66 Alice A Bailey .. a look at the spirituality behind the World Core Curriculum put forth by Alice A Bailey
67 The War on Parents .. how the UN is looking to divide children from parents through education
68 Truth v Unity .. how Christians should deal with Post-Modernism and its ideas about ecumenism, interfaith dialogue and world peace
69 Tolerance
70 The United Religions .. the United Nation's occult spiritual views based on the Mysteries and their attempt to use them to create a One World Religion
71 Israeli Supreme Court .. the Rothschild influence in the Israeli Supreme Court
72 Mormonism .. the connection between Freemasonry and Mormonism and the symbols that betray its Babylonian root
73 Jehovah's Witnesses .. a look at Jehovah's Witnesses
74 The Emerging Church - Christianity + post modernism .. the Emerging / Emergent Church movement and how it has mixed the lies of our age with Christianity
75 The Emerging Church - Road To Rome .. the Emerging Church is encouraging Christians to incorporate the paganism of Rome into their faith
76 The Emerging Church - Road To The One World Religion .. the deception of the Emerging / Emergent church
77 God Wins .. a look at God's sovereignty over all creation and the certainty of the final victory


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