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... The Jesus of Christmas

If you want a truly meaningful Christmas this year, you need to understand the true meaning of Christmas. And that starts with understanding the Person of Christmas: Jesus, Himself ....
In The Jesus of Christmas, John MacArthur fixes your gaze on the One deserving your full attention at Christmas and every day. You'll see why Jesus is worthy of your praise, and your complete submission.
Why He is the One to cling to in trials, and the One to fear at all times. And you'll see compelling proof that Jesus, and only Jesus, is the One who opens heaven to sinners, and who will return again to reign forever ......
Don't overlook the One whom millions overlook, even on the holiday bearing His name.

Image The Mysterious Jesus ... selected scriptures .. recorded Dec 12 1982
Image The Miraculous Jesus ... selected scriptures .. recorded Dec 19 1982
Image The Majestic Jesus ... selected scriptures .. recorded Dec 22 1982

Image Christmas Future .. recorded 2014



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