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In the beginning was the Word (Jesus) .. and the Word (Jesus) was with God .. and the Word (Jesus) was God .. he (Jesus) was in the beginning with God .. all things came into being through him (Jesus) .. and apart from him (Jesus) nothing came into being that has come into being .. In him (Jesus) was life .. and the life was the Light of men .. the light shines in the darkness .. and the darkness did not comprehend (over power) it ..... John 1:1-5 <>< full context <><

There came a man sent from God .. whose name was John .. he came as a witness .. to testify about the light .. so that all might believe through him .. he was not the light .. but he came to testify about the light .. there was the true light which .. coming into the world .. enlightens every man .. he was in the world .. and the world was made through him .. and the world did not know him .. he came to his own .. and those who were his own did not receive him .. > but as many as received him < .. to > them < he gave the right to become children of God .. even to those who believe in his name .. who were born .. not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man . . . but of God .... John 1:6-13 <>< full context <><

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