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Postby dadman » Tue Sep 01, 2015 1:08 pm

Image Image Image ... dadmansabode / nb02 .. BANNED

dadmansabode, stepped over the line this morning. He has been banned and his conversations deleted.

456 431 241 123 http://www.atheistrepublic.com/forums/d ... ment-27669

CyberLN--Is that you...come on it can't be you no way. its you!!! CyberLN who continually embarrassed herself with bullshit dialogue with Viya,llovequestion, and Robby in Christ. CyberLN who argued Adam and Eve or Noahs Arc with moron, imbeciles and dopes and idiots who believe the earth is 10,000 years old. CyberLn who debated with retards about Jesus born by a virgin or resurrected from the dead. CyberLN who post after post page after page, sentence after sentence who lost all her dignity by having conversations with theists with no brains. Now FINALLY CyberLN "has banned Robbie in Christ and his conversations deleted". I am glad CyberLN has had enough of the tons or elephant shit and bullshit vomited up by Robbie in Christ. While finally CyberLN realized "talking" with imbeciles like Robby in Christ is not only a fucking waste of time it also diminishes anyone even participating in the "dialogue." I am not optimistic that CyberLN will continue her enlightenment as its hard for a zebra to change her stripes and CyberLN is mired in her fog of lost brain matter. I hope I am wrong about CyberLN and she can continue to see the light. God Bless

...... lol .. no I didn't last long here

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