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http://www.createdebate.com/debate/show ... #arg719704
http://www.lc.org/transgender .... 1/2/3/4/5/ ..... 24/25/26

Image headlines 2017

02-15-2016 .. Destroying the Transgender ism ideology
00-00-2017 .. Texas Court Makes ‘Common Sense’ Ruling On Transgender Mandate Including Kids

Image headlines 2016

10-23-2016 .. Forced Transgender Boy Quickly Returns To Normal After Removal From Mother’s Care
2016-09-08 ... girls exposed to transgender twerking
2016-07-13 ... transgender-woman-arrested-voyeurism-target
2016-06-06 ... House Rejects Measure To Ban Male Sex Offenders
2016-05-25 ... transgender teacher wins 60000 for being called she
2016-05-24 ... transgenderism gender confused children mental health
2016-05-20 ... backlash after a letter was sent to parents saying their students could be expelled if any member of their family is gay
2016-05-19 ... Obama Admin Demands Hospitals Accommodate Transgenders Or Lose Funding
2016-05-19 ... Can White Kids Grow Up To Be Black? Some Preschoolers Think So
2016-05-19 ... Guard Charged with Assault After Confronting Trans Using Women's Restroom
2016-05-18 ... Obama Ramps Up War On ‘Transphobia’
2016-05-18 ... A Call For National Civil Disobedience To Obama’s Public School Transgender Bathroom Mandate
2016-05-18 ... Kansas school board rebukes transgender bathroom directive
2016-05-18 ... Norway To Launch Bill Allowing 6-Year-Olds To Change Gender
2016-05-18 ... Shopper Upset Man Allowed To Use Women’s Dressing Room In Ross
2016-05-18 ... ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson On Transgender Bathrooms: ‘Depravity Is Going Mainstream’
2016-05-17 ... end times prophecy manifesting in obamas transgender edict
2016-05-17 ... Arizona Tells Obama To Keep His “Transgender Bathroom” Agenda! .......... continue
2016-05-17 ... johns-hopkins-psychiatrist

2016-05-17 ... transgenderism is a spiritual mental dysfunction .... Dr. Paul R. McHugh, is a brilliant former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital. He has written more than 125 peer-reviewed medical journal articles and has published six scholarly books. When it comes to former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner’s recent changes, he has things to say which will make liberals furious! .... McHugh reaffirms the obvious – changing the sex of a human is not possible. And, instead of a liberating sexual movement, those who think they are transgender are actually suffering from a life-destroying mental disorder. Wow!

Here are a few words that have been used to brainwash our culture into accepting sinful behavior as normal and the kicker is these words are all false!!!

1. Transgender - The truth is that everyone has a biological gender! God made you either a male or a female. There are those who try to reject (to leave their proper domain) their gender,
but they aren't transgender, they simply are people pretending to be something they aren't.
2. Sexual Orientation - the truth is that there is no such thing as a sexual orientation. God created men to be with women and women to be with men. For a person to desire after a person of the same sex isn't sexual orientation but simply lust! Saying you have a sexual orientation is like saying you have a unicorn. You might convince some people, but it isn't true.
3. Bisexuality - Many are saying they are bisexual, meaning they desire after both male and female people. Again this is a false category! It is simply lust at work in a person's mind.
Since these words describe ideas that are false, why are they still being used? They are being used to transform culture and change moral values. It is about control pure and simple. Our government is declaring something as discrimination that clearly doesn't exist.
Let me close with this shocking truth, every person is not only physical being but a spiritual being as well. As a spiritual being you will experience lust, temptation, and sin. The goal isn't to legalize these but to find freedom from these. That freedom is found in Jesus Christ ......... ~ Randolph D Burchfiel

State ACLU Director Resigns After Daughters Frightened By Men In Women’s Restroom .... The American Civil Liberties Union’s state director in Georgia has resigned after her young daughters were “visibly frightened” and concerned for their safety when three men dressed in drag entered the women’s restroom with them.

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