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ImageLearning the Christian Life -- Selected Scriptures Feb 13 1989
ImageGrowing Strong in Christ -- Selected Scriptures Feb 2 1990
ImageExercising Your Courage -- Selected Scriptures Apr 23 1990
ImageKnowing God’s Will -- Selected Scriptures Dec 9 1992
ImageBreaking Free from Sin -- Selected Scriptures Apr 7 1993
ImagePursuing Divine Wisdom -- Selected Scriptures Jan 26 1996
ImageEvangelizing Your World -- Selected Scriptures Feb 7 2000
ImageDealing with Private Sins -- Selected Scriptures Sep 13 2002
ImageUnderstanding Your Ambition -- Selected Scriptures Oct 22 2004
ImageUsing Your Liberty -- Selected Scriptures Feb 12 2007

If you’re in school, the pressure is on. What you’re learning from your books today will need to serve you for a lifetime ahead.
You’re also at a major spiritual intersection. Now is when you set the spiritual tone for your entire life.
The course you commit to and the priorities you adopt now will affect you for years to come in personal and far-reaching ways. They will touch your relationships,
your family, your career, your leadership, and most important, your usefulness to the church and your witness for Christ.

That’s the point behind A Course for Life.
What you’re about to hear is a best-of collection of messages by John MacArthur delivered with passion and warmth to students during chapel services at The Master’s College.
The lessons were handpicked to provide a life blueprint for students of any age.

Listen carefully, commit yourself to obeying the biblical principles you’ll hear, and you will see blessing beyond what you can imagine. Run the race, stay the course, finish strong.


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