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Image .....Foundations, Volume Two

"Unleashing God's truth one verse at a time" is not just the motto of Grace to You—it is the hallmark of John MacArthur's Bible-teaching ministry.
Having taught through the New Testament, John has touched on virtually every theological and practical issue you'll grapple with as a Christian.
Foundations, Volume Two is a fast-paced crash course in some basics of Christian doctrine, belief, and practice. It's a "best of" study covering:

salvation and the story of the prodigal son / slavery to Christ / God's judgment on nations that abandon Him / how to miss out on heaven
a high-altitude tour of Revelation / the purpose of trials / how to make hard decisions easy / keeping a pure mind
principles for wise parenting / the importance of local-church membership
These are key lessons on some riveting subjects that provide a foundation for growth in your Christian life.

ImageA Jet Tour Through Revelation -- Revelation - Dec 5 1982
ImageMaking the Hard Decisions Easy -- Selected Scriptures - Jul 20 1986
ImageKeeping a Pure Mind -- Selected Scriptures - Jan 9 1994
ImageFour Ways to Miss Heaven -- John 8:21-30 - May 4 1997
ImageThe Purpose of Trials -- James 1 - Jun 8 1986
ImageCommitment to the Church -- Selected Scriptures - Jan 16 1994
ImageThe Tale of Two Sons -- Luke 10:11-32 - Mar 10 2006
ImageSlaves for Christ -- Selected Scriptures - Aug 5 2007
ImageShade for Our Children -- Selected Scriptures - May 13 1990
ImageWhen God Abandons a Nation -- Romans 1:18-32 2006



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