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It’s pretty clear--the recent trend in church history has been to soften doctrine, or bypass it altogether.
Sadly, when churches stop proclaiming divine truth, their members--and the surrounding culture--pay the price.
How do you wade through the doctrines, opinions, and ideas embraced within our churches and discern truth from error?
John MacArthur answers those questions in A Plea for Discernment, a powerful study that will help you improve your ability to separate truth from error.
Originally preached to students at The Master’s College—but applicable to every age—A Plea for Discernment is vital instruction for those who love God’s truth.

ImagePrinciples for Discernment, Part 1 -- Selected Scriptures Nov 8 2002
ImagePrinciples for Discernment, Part 2 -- Selected Scriptures Nov 6 2002
ImagePrinciples for Discernment, Part 3 -- Selected Scriptures Nov 8 2002


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