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Postby dadman » Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:20 am

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Getting ready for next level with local saint/luminary Steve Torma

http://www.therealcenter.org/aboutus.php The Center for Nonviolent Communication


Robby -- your statement Alex of: "about who I am or what I do" ... is nothing more than a diversion tactic .. you need to stay on track and explain "I am not an athiest"

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2018-1001 ---- AJC -- Damn.. I've been told I'm a bit effeminate. Does that mean I'm going to hell??
I was really hoping to meet Tammy Faye Baker in heaven :( I better start lifting weights and watching more John Wayne!

RWC -- yeah, well Alex I'll allow your words of belittling comments and snarky remarks be the final words hanging here .. (we know them by their fruit - character and doctrine) no response necessary ..... http://dadmansabode.com/b/04/040805.mp3 ... later dude <3

AJC -- Didn’t you just compare me to a mass murderer? Haha You always like to play the poor white persecuted Christian, but if you had even a little capacity for honest self reflection you would realize that you are every bit the snarky and vile one you accuse others of being.


2018-0930 ---- AJC -- Bulgy veins again Robbie? I would happily give you a spanking right now little man. Of course, you would likely enjoy it given that most rightwing nut-jobs like yourself are self-hating closeted homosexuals.

RC -- "spanking right now little man if I knew you wouldn't enjoy it so much." ..... < I'll rest my case

AJC -- 'biggest liberal bitch indeed'... I rest my case that you're a fake-ass Christian :)

RC -- 'biggest liberal bitch indeed' < those are your mother's words, not mine

AJC -- To anyone else reading this -
What do you think it says about my uncle Robbie that he keeps a collection on his website of all the things his (non-Republican) relatives have posted on Facebook?
Is it just sad? Or is it also a little creepy? Seems like we live rent-free in his head. Not sure what to make of it honestly.

RC -- yeah, well, I feel the need to revisit the past and remind you of your hate-filled spite / malace and venom ... my collection is gettn rather thick ...
Alex = "most rightwing nut-jobs like yourself are self-hating closeted homosexuals." ... keep it up Alex, but it's sad to see you continually exposing yourself .. eew !!

AJC -- The Problem is Simple - People thinking anything meaningful can be derived from John Wayne Memes

lol ... Jim Jones would be so proud of you viewtopic.php?p=745#p745 ... know what I mean ?? since you two believe the same. .. spoken like a true commie

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