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So, who is God? .... If someone asked you that bedrock question, how would you respond? Could you describe God biblically and with clarity?
Do you know enough truth about God to counter widely accepted, misguided views about Him?
What would you say about God’s nature, and how it compares with our nature? How would you explain the Trinity?
The work of Jesus Christ? The role of the Holy Spirit—are you called to worship Him the same way that you worship the Father and the Son?
And if God is sovereign and good, why does He allow evil to exist?
John MacArthur tackles those issues and more in Consider This. Originally preached to students at The Master’s University,
this series applies to anyone who wants to elevate their thoughts of God, embrace Him more fully, and help others trust in Him.

ImageHow to Think and Act in Evil Days, Part 1 -- Luke 13:1-9 - 20 Mar 2013

ImageHow to Think and Act in Evil Days, Part 2 -- Matthew 5:43-48 - 22 Mar 2013

ImageRejecting Heresy About God the Father -- Selected Scriptures - 23 Jan 2017

ImageMisconceptions of the Holy Spirit -- Selected Scriptures - 25 Jan 2017

ImageThe True Character of Christ -- Selected Scriptures - 27 Jan 2017



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