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If you’re like most people, having a thorough, fact-filled guidebook helps feed the anticipation of seeing a place you’ve never visited before.
It’s no different for the ultimate trip for all believers: the trip to heaven. You need to know:

Where heaven is and what it is like
What you’ll be like in eternity
How you will relate to others
How you will relate to God
What you will do in heaven

In his classic study Heaven, John MacArthur gives you vivid, biblical details that will build excitement and anticipation for your future home.
An encouraging study for all believers—and especially for anyone who has faced, or is facing, the death of a believing loved one.

Image What Heaven Is -- selected scriptures - 25 Oct 1987

Image Where Heaven Is and What It Is Like -- selected scriptures - 01 Nov 1987

Image The New Jerusalem -- selected scriptures - 15 Nov 1987

Image What We Will Be Like -- selected scriptures - 22 Nov 1987

Image How We Will Relate to One Another -- selected scriptures - 06 Dec 1987

Image How We Will Relate to God -- selected scriptures - 20 Dec 1987

Image What We Will Do, Part 1 -- selected scriptures - 27 Dec 1987

Image What We Will Do, Part 2 -- selected scriptures - 01 Jan 1988



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