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Someone has said that the most important thing about you is what comes to your mind when you think about God . . . It’s true ..
What you believe about God has serious .. long-term impact on how you live .. every thought .. word .. action .. and attitude is ultimately a reflection of your beliefs ..
right or wrong .. about God and His character . . With so much at stake .. there’s really no more important pursuit than sorting out reality from myth and knowing God for who He really is . . .
In God, Satan, and Angels, John MacArthur answers—from Scripture—questions like:

* What is God like?
* Who is Satan and why did God cast him out of heaven?
* How does Satan influence believers?
* Why did some angels fall?
* How do angels minister to believers?

John MacArthur takes you to the Bible for an accurate .. in-depth portrait of God Himself .. as well as the other powerful inhabitants of the supernatural realm ..
Satan .. demons .. and God’s invisible army of holy angels

ImageGod: Is He? Who Is He?
ImageGod: What Is He Like?, Part 1
ImageGod: What Is He Like?, Part 2
ImageSatan: Is He? Who Is He?
ImageSatan: What Is He Like?
ImageSatan: How Does He Operate?
ImageAngels: God's Invisible Army, Part 1
ImageAngels: God's Invisible Army, Part 2
ImageAngels: God's Invisible Army, Part 3



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