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Concerning the ( soon to emerge ) Antichrist and False Prophet ( Revelation 13 )
what are we ( Christians ) to anticipate ( Matthew 24 ) before the return of Jesus Christ


trending toward One World Religion ........ End of the Age audio/video input -- Grace thru Faith Prophecy Headlines
trending toward One World Governance
trending toward The Mark of the Beast
trending toward False Teachers and False Christs
event The Confirmation of the Covenant
trending toward Apostate/false Christianity
trending toward Persecution of Christians and Jews
trending toward Earthquakes / diseases and natural disasters
trending toward Signs in the Heavens
trending toward Rampant cultural rot and sexual perversions
event The building and commencement of a new Jewish Temple
trending toward Wars and Rumors of Wars / violence will fill the Earth
trending toward The Euphrates River War .... Revelation 9
trending toward All Nations gathering against Israel


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Image headlines 2018

12-11-2018 .. Dedication of Altar for Third Temple
11-12-2018 .. Armageddon Predicted as Jews Call for Third Jerusalem Temple to Be Built
03-20-2018 .. Sanhedrin Calls on Arabs to Take Their Role in Third Temple as Prophesized by Isaiah

Image headlines 2017

08-03-2017 .. Is This the Generation of the Third Temple?
08-01-2017 .. For First Time in Millennia, Jewish Priests Will Undergo Training to Enter Temple’s Holy of Holies
06-27-2017 .. All Aboard the Temple Mount Express:
04-05-2017 .. Jerusalem Receives Money for Construction of Third Temple
04-02-2017 .. Is Israel Taking Baby Step Toward Rebuilding Temple?
03-24-2017 .. Will We See the Fulfillment of Prophetic Third Temple in Our Lifetime?
03-16-2017 .. Knesset Eyes the Temple Mount
02-15-2017 .. Trump And The Third Temple
02-14-2017 .. We Must Start Building Third Temple Today, Says Temple Experts
02-09-2017 .. MK Glick’s Christian-Jewish Push to Move Embassy First Step To Building Temple, Says Pastor
02-07-2017 .. Rabbi Stunned From Red Heifer Discovery, Provides Hope Of Third Temple

Image headlines 2016

12-27-2016 .. The First Step Towards Building the Third Temple: A Synagogue on the Temple Mount
12-21-2016 .. Third Temple on the Way as Priests Prepare Ritual Shabbat Showbreads
12-06-2016 .. Biblical Sheep In Israel For First Time In A Thousand Years!
12-02-2016 .. Balm of Gilead: Ancient Plants Revived in Time for Third Temple?
11-22-2016 .. Sanhedrin To Trump And Putin: Take Up Your Cyrus-Like Roles And Rebuild The Temple
11-10-2016 .. Sanhedrin Asks Putin and Trump to Build Third Temple in Jerusalem

Image headlines 2015

11-17-2015 .. Israeli Rabbis To Obama—We Will Not Give Up Temple Mount And Dream Of A Third Temple
05-27-2015 .. In Jerusalem, Jewish Priests Perform Pentecost Temple Service in Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy
05-17-2015 .. Israel Officially Calling For Third Temple to Replace al-Aqsa Mosque!
2015-03-16 .. Holy Altar constructed for 3rd Jewish Temple


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