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Concerning the ( soon to emerge ) Antichrist and False Prophet ( Revelation 13 )
what are we ( Christians ) to anticipate ( Matthew 24 ) before the return of Jesus Christ


trending toward One World Religion ........ End of the Age audio/video input -- Grace thru Faith Prophecy Headlines
trending toward One World Governance
trending toward The Mark of the Beast
trending toward False Teachers and False Christs
event The Confirmation of the Covenant
trending toward Apostate/false Christianity
trending toward Persecution of Christians and Jews
trending toward Earthquakes / diseases and natural disasters
trending toward Signs in the Heavens
trending toward Rampant cultural rot and sexual perversions
event The building and commencement of a new Jewish Temple
trending toward Wars and Rumors of Wars / violence will fill the Earth
trending toward The Euphrates River War .... Revelation 9
trending toward All Nations gathering against Israel


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He (antichrist) causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads,
and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name..... Revelation 13:16-17

If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, he, too,
will drink of the wine of God's fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath ...... Revelation 14:9-10


08-03-2019 .. Facebook Supports the Mark of the Beast


11-17-2018 .. U.S. Government Wants To Microchip All Kids 'Sooner Rather Than Later'
11-17-2018 .. Venezuela rolling out new ID card manufactured in China that can track, reward, and punish citizens
11-07-2018 .. 10th grade School assignment = how yould you persuade people to get a microchip ?
10-23-2018 .. Thousands of Swedes are getting microchip
05-17-2018 .. 3,000 People In Sweden Have Inserted Microchips Under Their Skin
01-23-2018 .. Congress Quietly Pushing Bill To Require National Biometric ID
01-07-2018 .. Is Artificial Intelligence the Mark of the Beast?


10-26-2017 .. Mark of the Beast, 666, 10 horns 7 heads, and Sustainable Development
10-04-2017 .. End of the Social Security Number? A White House Official Thinks So
09-20-2017 .. UK supermarket has become the first in the world to let shoppers pay for groceries using just the veins in their fingertips
09-14-2017 .. Implanted Microchips To Replace Credit Cards and Car Keys
08-20-2017 .. What Does 666 Mean?
08-20-2017 .. Embedded Chips Are Paving The Way For Future “Buying & Selling”
08-07-2017 .. The Next Big Thing: The Microchip Implant
08-07-2017 .. Technology Now in Place for Bible’s ‘Mark of the Beast’
08-02-2017 .. Will There Come a Day Where People Who Prefer Not to Be Microchipped Won’t Get Certain Jobs?
08-01-2017 .. ‘Slow Indoctrination’ of the Mark of the Beast is Happening Right Now
07-30-2017 .. 24 Hours After First U.S. Company Forces Microchip On Employees, Horrific Side Effect Surfaces
07-25-2017 .. Wisconsin Company Becomes First in US to Begin Implanting Chips In Employees
06-14-2017 .. up to 100 of its customers are embedding microchip implants into their hands to pay for their journey
05-02-2017 .. Mobile and Wearable Bio-metric Authentication to Reach 3.3 Billion Users by 2022
04-03-2017 .. Cyborgs at work: employees getting implanted with microchips
01-04-2017 .. Companies are now implanting microchips into their employees


12-28-2016 .. Man + Microchips .. Well here's one way to never lose your keys again
12-07-2016 .. Microchip in hand allows you to pay for goods in UAE


11-29-2015 .. UN: a Global ID
10-23-2015 .. Big Banks Rejecting Cash In Latest Moves Toward Cashless Society And Mandatory Microchips For All
10-09-2015 .. is the real ID act the beginning of the mark of the Beast
08-01-2015 .. Just like they do for cattle and sheep
06-12-2015 .. All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant In 2017 – NBC NEWS REPORTS
05-25-2015 .. Implants to aid payment with a wave of the hand
04-26-2015 .. Walmart to Install Obamacare RFID Chip Scanning Health Machines?
03-04-2015 .. Replacing employees' key cards with microchips imbedded under the skin
01-09-2015 .. Mark of the Beast tatoo RFID


2014-10-29 ~ People are going to WANT the mark of the beast. Don't be fooled or caught up on the freight train headed for transhumanism
2014-10-20 ~ technologies that will soon be inside you
2014-06-01 ~ N.S.A. Collecting Millions of Faces From Web Images
2014-06-01 ~ Walmart Introduces '666 Obamacare RFID Chip Machine'
2014-06-01 ~ NBC Claims All Americans Will Be Implanted With Microchips For Obamacare ??

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