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Concerning the ( soon to emerge ) Antichrist and False Prophet ( Revelation 13 )
what are we ( Christians ) to anticipate ( Matthew 24 ) before the return of Jesus Christ


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ImageGod's view of homosexuality .. part 1
ImageGod's view of homosexuality .. part 2
ImageHomosexuality and the Campaign for Immorality
ImageThinking Biblically About Homosexuality ... God's Plan for the Gay Agenda

In today’s world .. tolerance is king .. And there’s no greater tolerance issue than homosexuality ..
Activists have changed the way mainstream society .. politics .. business .. education .. the media .. thinks about homosexuality ..
They’ve also changed the way many churches and denominations think about it . . .
Where do you draw the line ? .. More to the point .. where does the Bible draw the line ? . . .
In Homosexuality and the Bible .. John MacArthur challenges popular views about how Christians should interact with homosexuals ..
and what God thinks of homosexuality . . . Filter your questions about homosexuality through the grid of God’s Word

Christianity and Homosexuality ~ CARM

Jesus: .. But from the beginning of creation .. God made them male and female .. for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother ..
and the two shall become one flesh .. so they are no longer two .. but one flesh .. what therefore God has joined together .. let no man separate
---- Mark 10:6-9
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the Apostle Paul: .. For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and shall be joined to his wife .. and the two shall become one flesh ... this mystery is great .. but I am speaking with reference to Christ and the church .... nevertheless .. each individual among you also is to love his own wife even as himself ..
and the wife must see to it that she respects her husband
---- Ephesians 5:31-33
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But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be .... Matthew 24:37-39 .. viewtopic.php?p=87#p87


Catholic position on Homosexuality
all you need to know about the taboo called anal sex

07-02-2020 .. Somerville recognizes polyamorous relationships in new domestic partnership ordinance
03-13-2020 .. ‘Death Threats For Me And My Family’:
03-10-2020 .. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Proclaims March 10 ‘Abortion Provider Appreciation Day’
01-27-2020 .. Teachers forced to attend 'LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP' training session
01-25-2020 .. LGBTQ education now mandatory in N.J. schools. Teachers are now preparing.
01-15-2020 .. Outrage as first transgender kids' doll with penis and dress spotted in toy shop


12-20-2019 .. Iowa Man Gets 16 Years for Burning LGBT Flag
12-04-2019 .. Hollywood Is "Finally Catching On" to the Booming Drag Queen Economy
11-20-2019 .. Female Student Breaks Down In Tears As School Board Grants Boys Access To Girls Locker Room
11-12-2019 .. Gay Activist Group GLAAD Is Now Demanding That 20% Of All Television Characters Be LGBTQ+ By 2025
10-29-2019 .. Polyamory next? Activists push to legally accommodate multi-partner relationships
10-11-2019 .. Democratic Presidential Candidate Says Churches Who Oppose Same Sex Marriage Will Lose Tax Exempt Status
10-02-2019 .. Trans-Faith Takes Over The Church: Transgender Pastors & Renaming Ceremonies
10-02-2019 .. 'They Knew That I Was a Christian': Actress Lost Lead Role for Posting Christian Beliefs on Homosexuality
09-30-2019 .. Federal Judge Rules Catholic Adoption Agency Can Refuse LGBT Parents
09-27-2019 .. Smart Phones and Computers Creating Generation Of Porn Addicts…Some States Call It ‘Public Health Emergency’
09-19-2019 .. FDA: Thousands of Deaths Associated With Drugs Given to ‘Trans’ Children
09-02-2019 .. New Study Confirms: People Aren’t Born Gay
08-27-2019 .. Beto O’Rourke Reiterates Support for Abortion up Until Birth
08-07-2019 .. Boy Scouts of America have a ‘pedophile epidemic’ and are hiding hundreds in its ranks
07-31-2019 .. Significant rise of cartoons showing same-sex parents, gay marriage and general expressions of romantic non-binary expressions.
07-11-2019 .. APA now normalizing polyamory
07-11-2019 .. Top US Psychology Group Pushes Polyamory, Sex with NO Boundaries
07-02-2019 .. drag queen story hour
04-26-2019 .. CDC admits HIV is exploding among transgender women… total silence from left-wing media, just like with the spread of anal cancer among homosexuals
04-09-2019 .. NEXIVM sex cult .. Steve Lookner
03-12-2019 .. We are Channel Q - LGBTQ Queer Radio 103.1 FM
02-28-2019 .. Teacher had sex with boy in class while other student watched
02-25-2019 .. LGBT Teaching Guide Aims to Change Christian School Beliefs in U.S.
02-25-2019 .. ‘Endorse Same-Sex Relationships’ OR ELSE! Philly Forcing Catholic Agency from Foster Care
02-14-2019 .. Actress declares that her 'first abortion' at age 19 was 'my best one.' And the audience loves it.
02-11-2019 .. Mom Arrested For Disagreeing With Trans Activist On Twitter
02-09-2019 .. Massachusetts Is Latest Liberal State to Approve Abortion Up to Birth of Baby
02-08-2019 .. Liberal feminist dressed as Mother Mary pretending to abort Jesus in front of a church
01-25-2019 .. Dangerous New Trans Push For Puberty Blockers Of Young Children
01-23-2019 .. One World Trade Center Lit Up Pink to Celebrate New York Passing Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth


12-25-2018 .. Meet the 11-year-old drag kid who RuPaul calls ‘the future of America’
11-11-2018 .. Scotland to mandate LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum across all public schools
10-21-2018 .. BBC to create shows with more LGBT characters to increase diversity and make the gay community feel more accepted
10-04-2018 .. UK School Teaches 6-Y-O Kids to Write Gay ‘Love Letter’ for Same-Sex Marriage Assignment
09-23-2018 .. Drag queens read to crowd at Wichita Public Library
09-01-2018 .. Oprah’s Magazine Showcases ‘#ShoutYourAbortion’ Movement
08-21-2018 .. shout your abortion . com
06-26-2018 .. All aboard the torture ship… the world’s biggest bondage and fetish boat orgy
06-21-2018 .. Canadian Judge Recognizes Two Men in Polyamorous Relationship With Woman as Parents of Child .. Polyamory
06-11-2018 .. Drag Queen Children TV Shows Coming to America
06-06-2018 .. Poll: Majority of Democrats Now Accept Pornography
05-10-2018 .. Hundreds of sex enthusiasts to descend on Vegas for 'world's biggest orgy'
03-13-2018 .. 'Young More Promiscuous Than Ever Before'
03-13-2018 .. Porn star to shoot film with SEX ROBOT
03-13-2018 .. SPRING BREAK: Drunk teens on Florida beaches; Smell of drugs, sex in public
03-13-2018 .. Cancun becomes murder capital


12-29-2017 .. PARTY ON ‘Sex Island’ holiday firm organises wildest New Year’s EVER with two prostitutes for each guest and shed loads of drugs and booze on mystery island
11-11-2017 .. Christian Teacher Suspended for ‘Misgendering’ Pupil
11-10-2017 .. An Oklahoma woman who married her biological mother has pleaded guilty to incest.
11-02-2017 .. Churches Embrace Non-Binary Deacons, Drag Shows & Transgender Baptisms
10-26-2017 .. Georgetown Students Accused of ‘Hatred,’ ‘Intolerance’ for Promoting Church Teaching on Marriage
10-21-2017 .. Australian churches vandalized by same-sex marriage supporters
10-08-2017 .. Satanic Looking Drag Queen with Horns Reads to Little Kids at Michelle Obama Public Library in Long Beach
10-05-2017 .. FALLING AWAY: Major Church Head Refuses to Admit Homosexuality Is a Sin
09-21-2017 .. Government Agency Blacklists Couple for Not Supporting Gay Marriage
08-20-2017 .. Oregon Governor Signs Bill Requiring Free Abortions for All
08-11-2017 .. Charter School Forced to Teach Transgender Agenda to Students
08-07-2017 .. Planned Parenthood: Teach your preschoolers ‘their genitals don’t determine their gender’
07-21-2017 .. Teens filmed and mocked drowning man!
07-20-2017 .. California Proposes Jail Time for Using the Wrong Pronoun for Senior Transgenders
07-11-2017 .. Number of UK Children Sent to Gender Clinics Quadruples, Forced to ‘Unlearn’ Boy-Girl Differences
07-05-2017 .. Oregon is about to approve FREE Abortions for everyone
06-29-2017 .. Miley Cyrus: ‘I Want Gender-Neutral to Be the New Normal’
06-22-2017 .. Supreme Court declares bestiality is now legal in Canada
06-19-2017 .. Women’s Clothes Are now the new trend for Men
06-18-2017 .. More courts allowing 3 parents of 1 child
06-16-2017 .. Anyone want to attempt an explanation regards this horrendous idiocy ... parents??
06-15-2017 .. Colombia officially recognizes ‘polyamorous’ marriage of 3 gay men
05-26-2017 .. Meet the mods
05-15-2017 .. "sologamy," women are committing themselves to themselves
05-12-2017 .. New Israeli Research Reveals that Men are Men and Women are Women ..... duh, ya think ??
05-12-2017 .. ‘Self-Marriage’ Movement Growing Relationship Trend Across Country
05-10-2017 .. 81 Percent Of Americans Are ‘Concerned About Declining Moral Behavior In Our Nation’
04-09-2017 .. 20,000 lesbians come out to party in Palm Springs
04-06-2017 .. ‘A night of erotic freedom’ at NYC’s most exclusive sex party
03-21-2017 .. School Orders Boy to “Tolerate” Undressing with Girl and Make it “Natural”
03-21-2017 .. Chicago Teens Livestream Rape Of 15-Year-Old Girl. No One Calls 911.
03-15-2017 .. Bizarre Transformation Of Mother and Son becoming Father and Daughter
02-28-2017 .. Ohio LGBT Group Announces Plans to Target Churches for Homosexual Weddings
01-30-2017 .. Boy Scouts, Reversing Century-Old Stance, Will Allow Transgender Boys
01-14-2017 .. Florida man arrested for sex with pit bull
01-08-2017 .. Activist mom : I don't want to deny Ellen's right to cancel having Kim Burrell
01-07-2017 .. Ellen Sends STRONG WARNING MESSAGE To Christians On Her Latest Show
01-05-2017 .. New 'comedy' show features 6-year-old trans wearing bondage gag
01-01-2017 .. revellers see in 2017 with a night of fighting, vomiting and a LOT of flesh on show


12-23-2016 .. Woman in love with ROBOT and wants to marry
12-20-2016 .. Millennials Ditching Marriage And Church
12-20-2016 .. ‘Third Gender’ Movement Says Growth Is ‘Exploding’
12-16-2016 .. MAG 9-YEAR-OLD TRANS
12-13-2016 .. Girl gang in sex assault on footballer: Sick women stripped star and filmed ordeal
12-13-2016 .. Oxford University union tells students to use gender neutral pronouns so as ‘not to offend transgender undergraduates’
12-13-2016 .. Microsoft ‘Christmas’ Ad Blasted for Pushing Transgender, Gay Marriage Agenda
12-06-2016 .. DAYS OF LOT: Argentine Judge Rules Woman Can Marry Her Own Stepdaughter
12-04-2016 .. sex robots 'as real as humans’ set to SELL in huge numbers
12-04-2016 .. Wild sex party 'famed for bondage and orgies' leaves several hurt as ambulances scrambled
11-28-2016 .. Massive pedophile ring busted; 230 kids saved - US news - Crime
11-28-2016 .. STUDY: We now date 6 people at once
11-23-2016 .. The nasty rise of ‘flash mob robbers’
11-18-2016 .. Surge in men who share girlfriends
11-17-2016 .. Government attempting to switch teen’s sex without parental consent
11-16-2016 .. UMass students hold 'sh*t-in' for gender-neutral bathrooms
11-14-2016 .. Over 400 million accounts from porn sites, sex hookup service leaked...
11-04-2016 .. BBC Slammed For Pro-Child Transgender TV Show Aimed At 6-Year-Old Kids
11-04-2016 .. LGBT Characters on TV will make up larger percentage than ever
10-28-2016 .. DAYS OF LOT: Children’s Magazine Pressured to Include Depictions of Homosexual Families
10-27-2016 .. Univ. Of Northern Colorado Students Forced To Use ‘Mandatory’ Gender-Neutral Language
10-23-2016 .. Forced Transgender Boy Quickly Returns To Normal After Removal From Mother’s Care
10-18-2016 .. DAYS OF LOT: The Rise of Men In Makeup
10-12-2016 .. ‘Transgender’ conditioning is ‘child abuse’
09-27-2016 .. SINISTRY OF SOUND Sex rooms, bondage dancers and 60 hour drug raves… a rare look inside the world’s most exclusive club
09-25-2016 .. DAYS OF LOT -New Alleged Research Reveals Same-Sex Couples Make Best Parents
09-24-2016 .. man who was woman gives birth to baby by woman who was a man
09-15-2016 .. Scientists Claim Two Men Will Soon Make Baby, No Need for Woman’s Egg
09-12-2016 .. Are you ready for the Legalization of Incest, Necrophilia, Pedophilia, Zoophilia and More?
09-01-2016 .. Burning Man festival’s ORGY DOME
09-01-2016 .. largest-occult-festival-is-a-celebration-of-weirdness-and-hedonism
08-23-2016 .. Scientific research refutes the LGBT claim
08-22-2016 .. no-scientific-evidence-that-people-are-born-gay-or-transgender
04-10-2016 .. defending the truth of God's Word about homosexuality


10-31-2015 .. 'I do, I do, I do:' Brazilian female trio get hitched
07-05-2015 .. Wichita native walks Topeka trail in the nude, legally
07-01-2015 .. Marriage Between Uncle And Niece Is Ruled Legal By New York Court
07-01-2015 .. AFA Reports Pedophilia Officially Classified as Sexual Orientation
07-01-2015 .. It Has Begun! Man Applies For Marriage License To Marry Two Wives!
07-01-2015 .. PBS Now Promoting the Transgender Lifestyle to Children

06-11-2015 .. ESPN will honor Caitlyn Jenner with Arthur Ashe Courage Award
05-17-2015 .. Obama: I’ll Commemorate Sunday as ‘International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia’
Hillary Clinton: .. I believe that marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman
05-05-2015 .. A 23-year-old woman accused in 2012 of having sex with a dog in Arizona was arrested Monday
in Volusia County on allegations of having sex with a 15-year-old boy

05-04-2015 .. “Becoming Us” follows a Chicago-area teenager named Ben who is learning to live with his dad becoming a woman
05-03-2015 .. Dobson: ‘Fall Of Western Civilization At Hand

04-27-2015 .. Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military
04-25-2015 .. Media blitz to ‘Normalize’ Transgenderism
04-24-2015 .. New Spouse-Swap Series Has Married Couples Sleeping With Strangers
03-09-2015 .. Homosexual Man has a surrogate baby with his mother
Desecration (also called desacralization or desanctification) is the act of depriving something of its sacred character, or the disrespectful, contemptuous, or destructive treatment of that which is held to be sacred or holy by a group or individual.
02-26-2015 .. South Korea decriminalizes adultery, condom shares soar
02-24-2015 .. FLIGHT NIGHTMARE: Passenger gropes seatmate, watches porn, pleasures himself
02-23-2015 .. A Christian florist who is being sued in Washington for refusing to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding
02-19-2015 .. Three men marry each other in Thailand 2
02-18-2015 .. ISIS militants are trying to score Viagra to fuel their lust for “brutal and abnormal” sex
02-10-2015 .. Jenner Speculation Comes at Key Time for Transgender Rights
02-06-2015 .. Rick Santorum Vindicated
01-30-2015 .. Rape reports on college campuses soar
01-27-2015 .. City Threatens to Arrest Ministers Who Refuse to Perform Same-Sex Weddings
01-25-2015 .. Couples to Have Sex on Air in New Series
01-22-2015 .. 'Darkness' of Sexual Culture 'Gone Mad' Threatens America's Future
01-19-2015 .. 18 Year Old Woman Planning Wedding and Children with Her Father
01-05-2015 .. Exclusive: Three-parent IVF treatment to be legal within weeks


2014-11-11 .. court-told-humans-could-marry-animals
2014-11-10 .. What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality
2014-10-07 .. Pedophilia Deserves Civil Rights, Says New York Times
2014-09-25 .. Incest a fundamental Right
2014-09-03 .. Polygamy ban struck down in utah
2014-08-05 .. California allows first ever state recognized human animal marriage
2014-07-14 .. Men who have sex with men are 19 times more likely to be infected with HIV than the general population
2014-07-11 .. Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo
2014-07-10 .. 'Paedophil​ia is natural and normal for males' - Telegraph
2014-06-18 .. No straight people allowed: Dutch scheme for 'Gay Village' sparks backlash
2014-06-09 .. what's this I hear about people wanting to kill people who criticize their sexual orientation ??
2014-05-20 .. COPS: Man Busted For Trying To Have Sex With ATM / wooden picnic table
2014-05-12 .. Meet the new fascists – and their victims
2014-04-27 .. Woman Arrested On Bestiality Charges After Looking For Horse On Craigslist
2014-04-24 .. Stop Twisting the Bible … to Make it Fit Same-Sex Marriage
2014-04-23 .. Here comes the bride. And another one. And another one! Meet world's first married lesbian THREESOME .. and they're expecting a baby due in July
2014-04-14 .. LGBT activists throw 'pink brick' at pro-family leader
2014-04-07 .. Why Are They Called 'Homofascists'? Here's Why .. 2
2014-04-06 .. Mozilla CEO faced ‘new fascism’
2014-03-14 .. Yes, Its Really Happening. This Woman Just Married A Dog
2014-03-14 .. shifted focus from the legal sanctioning of gay marriage to the elimination of dissent
2014-02-27 .. Forcing people to attend ceremonies

Image headlines 2014

What does the Bible say?

The Bible--as God's Word--reveals God's moral character, and it shapes the morality of the Christian. The Bible has much to say about homosexuality:
Lev. 18:22 , "You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination."
Lev. 20:13, "If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them."
1 Cor. 6:9-10, "Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God."
Rom. 1:26-28, "For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. 28And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper."
With such clear statements against homosexuality, it is difficult to see how different groups can say the Bible supports homosexuality. But they try by redefining love, marriage, sex, homosexuality, etc., in order to accomplish their goal. But God created us in His image "male and female" (Gen. 1:21), and He created marriage, declaring that "a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh," (Gen. 2:24).
The Bible is a powerful book, and because of that, the homosexuals often try to make the Bible agree with their agenda. But it doesn't work. The Bible does not support homosexuality, nor does it support gay marriage as we have seen from the Scriptures above.
Unlike other sins, this sexual sin has a judgment administered by God Himself: He gives them over to their passions (Rom. 1:26-28). This means that their hearts are allowed to be hardened by their sins. As a result, they can no longer see the error of what they are doing. Without an awareness of their sinfulness, there will be no repentance. Without repentance, there will be no forgiveness. Without forgiveness, there is no salvation.

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