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Concerning the ( soon to emerge ) Antichrist and False Prophet ( Revelation 13 )
what are we ( Christians ) to anticipate ( Matthew 24 ) before the return of Jesus Christ


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event The Confirmation of the Covenant
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event The building and commencement of a new Jewish Temple
trending toward Wars and Rumors of Wars / violence will fill the Earth
trending toward The Euphrates River War .... Revelation 9
trending toward All Nations gathering against Israel


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12-30-2019 .. Anti Semitic Attacks
10-11-2019 .. Democratic Presidential Candidate Says Churches Who Oppose Same Sex Marriage Will Lose Tax Exempt Status
09-17-2019 .. Report: Anti-Semitic Harassment at U.S. College Campuses Hits Historic Levels
05-22-2019 .. ‘Totally devastated’: Major Christian broadcaster suffers catastrophic firebombing
05-18-2019 .. The Media Won’t Say It, but Christians Are the No. 1 Persecuted Group Worldwide


03-20-2018 .. 30 gravestones vandalized at massachusetts jewish-cemetery
10-27-2018 .. A suspect armed with an AR-15 and multiple handgun opened fire at a synagogue
10-25-2018 .. Hate ads against Trump supporters (and Christians) are being displayed in NYC
10-01-2018 .. Leftists openly plot mass executions of conservatives as Democrats release home addresses of Republican Senators
05-29-2018 .. Violence Against Christians Reaches All-Time High
02-15-2018 .. Teacher Receives Three-year Suspension for Calling Homosexuality a Sin on Facebook


12-31-2017 .. German Jewish Leader Warns That Jews May Require Police Protection As Anti-Semitism Escalates
11-05-2017 .. 27 dead, 30 injured in Sutherland Springs church shooting
10-17-2017 .. Christian Persecution Hits All-Time High Worldwide
08-18-2017 .. CNN Publishes Map of ‘Hate Groups’, Which Includes Christian Organizations
07-21-2017 .. The Pope's Proxies Compare U.S. Christians To Terrorists
06-14-2017 .. Vandals Spray-Paint Church With Upside-Down Crosses, Words ‘Devil, Witch Spells’
06-08-2017 .. VP Mike Pence Says Genocide of Christians in Middle East ‘Must’ and ‘Will End,’
02-25-2017 .. are we living 1933 all over again
02-07-2017 .. Preacher Locked Up, Charged with Hate Crime for Quoting Bible to Gay Teen
02-07-2017 .. Attacks on Christians in France Skyrocket 245 Percent
02-07-2017 .. Angry Mob Torments Man for Giving Away Bibles, Now He’s Clinging to Life
02-03-2017 .. British Anti-Semitism rises to record levels


12-06-2016 .. Illinois Commission Panel Says Christian-Owned Bed & Breakfast Must Host Gay Weddings
12-05-2016 .. Chip And Joanna Gaines Under Attack For Attending Bible Believing Church
12-01-2016 .. Militant LGBT Agenda On Warpath Against Beloved HGTV Stars
11-08-2016 .. Airbnb Demands Users Accept Its ‘Sexual Orientation’ Guidelines
11-08-2016 .. Christian Couple Denied Adoption of Foster Children Over Opposition to Homosexual Parenting
10-28-2016 .. Professor Warns that Christians Are “Bigger Threat Than Islamists”
10-18-2016 .. Dr. James Dobson Calls For Civil Disobedience
10-18-2016 .. Youtube places pro-Israel videos on ‘restricted mode’
10-04-2016 .. Christian Business Forced To Shut Down
09-30-2016 .. Iran Arrests 25 Christians in Raid Persecuting Believers for Their Faith in Jesus Christ
09-29-2016 .. Rising anti-Semitism
09-15-2016 .. United Nations Places Crosshairs On Israel
09-09-2016 .. hatred-of-jews-at-highest-level-of-our-lifetimes


10-17-2015 .. How to stab a Jew
06-12-2015 .. Bill Maher’s Malignant Mockery of Persecuted Christians is Repugnant
06-01-2015 .. Radical Hindus to India’s Christians: Convert ‘Or Get Ready to Die’

05-17-2015 .. ‘Gay marriage’ advocates want to ‘wipe out’ Christianity
05-11-2015 .. Methodist Pastor Bullied By Denominational Leadership For Supporting Traditional Marriage
05-07-2015 .. the Nazi Master Plan: the persecution of Christians
05-06-2015 .. Failed for her Faith. College professor flunks student who refused to condemn her Christian faith
05-02-2015 .. 40 Person Mob Assaults 2 Jews on Paris’ Boulevard Voltaire
05-01-2015 .. Executed Christians Praise God With Dying Breaths

04-28-2015 .. Hillary: 'Religious Beliefs' Must Change For Sake Of Abortion
04-27-2015 .. One-World Code Words Foreshadow Trouble for Bible Believers
04-27-2015 .. Idaho pastors refusing to marry gay couples face jail time and fines
04-26-2015 .. Cruz warns of 'liberal fascism' targeting Christians
04-26-2015 .. John MacArthur Islam and the antichrist
04-26-2015 .. interview - here is why Muslims target Christians and Jews - John MacArthur
04-26-2015 .. Sentencing of Christians explodes 10,000% in China
04-26-2015 .. Muslim Imam in Tennessee PREACHES “Jews & Christians are Filthy, Their Lives & Property can be Taken in Jihad by Muslims” in America
04-25-2015 .. Judge Seeks $135,000 Fine Against Christian Bakers for Declining to Make Cake for ‘Gay Wedding’
04-24-2015 .. Dear Churches in America: Prepare to Be Treated Like 1st Century Christians in Rome
04-23-2015 .. ‘Killing Jews is Worship’ posters will soon appear on NYC subways and buses
04-23-2015 .. Rush Limbaugh: Democrats hate Christianity
04-22-2015 .. Christians facing new status as ‘hated minority’
04-20-2015 .. ISIS massacres 30 ethiopian christians
04-09-2015 .. Now Protesters Insist That A Catholic School Must HIRE A Gay Teacher
04-08-2015 .. NY Times Says Biblical Christianity Is What’s Stopping Full Acceptance Of The LGBT Agenda
04-07-2015 .. Gay Group Demands Christian Churches Be Shut Down for Opposing Same-Sex Marriage
04-07-2015 .. Business leads the way in the fight for LGBT rights

03-22-2015 .. Six arrested after group of more than 20 men and women launch attack on north London synagogue as they shout 'kill the Jews'
03-19-2015 .. Report: Christianity Most Persecuted Faith Worldwide

02-27-2015 .. South Carolina college scrutinized for 'biblical' stance on homosexuality
02-26-2015 .. Jewish Students Under Siege on College Campuses
02-24-2015 .. ISIS abducts at least 90 from Christian villages in Syria
02-18-2015 .. Judge authorizes ‘personal ruin’ for Christian florist
02-18-2015 .. Atlanta fire chief fired for believing Bible
02-18-2015 .. Crucifixes overturned as dozens more cemeteries vandalized in France
02-15-2015 .. ISIS releases video of 21 Egyptian Christians being beheaded

01-23-2015 .. Ex-Muslim Tells of Literal Slaughterhouses where Kidnapped Christians are Dissected and their Organs Sold to Islamic Nations
01-10-2015 .. Militant Atheist State North Korea Publicly Executes 80 for Possessing Bibles

00-00-2019 .. DESCRIPTION
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